Monday, November 3, 2014

There is a reason....

There is a reason.....
-that I have a million bug bites
-I can't flush the toilet paper in the toilet (I know it sounds weird but it is frustrating)
-I don’t understand Spanish
-I have to take 2-3 showers a day because it is so humid here
-My companion and I have super different personalities
-I walk 6-8 hours a day and my feet hurt at the end of the day
-I am a million miles away from everything that is comfortable to me
-I am learning Spanish
-I have diarrhea randomly from certain foods- TMI I know but seriously it is a real problem
-I am woken up at 3 in the morning because my legs itch so badly and I am dying from the heat
-The shower has no pressure and is hot when it is already 150 degrees here already! 
-I look stupid half the time when I speak 
-I am serving in Peru
-I am serving in Quillabamba
-I am a missionary.

This all seems like I am complaining. And let me tell you, I am done sugar coating it all. It was a hard week. I am adjusting to missionary life and with that come so many trials. But through it all I can’t tell you how amazing it is when I lay in bed at night and think of what I am able to do, and what a privilege it is to be here on my mission. It has been all I have ever wanted to do for so long and I am here. Sometimes like this week I forget my purpose. Yesterday I had my 6th birthday of my patriarchal blessing. In there it talks about serving my mission and I pulled it out to read and wow. I am supposed to be here. No matter how hard. The people need this message. They need what I have. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and this brings me so much joy. Salvation is not easy and this is why sometimes I wonder why it is so hard. But I remind myself this is the time I can give it all I got. I get to share the one thing closest to my heart and that is the gospel. It is amazing how much I am learning and I remind myself to find the blessings each day. I am not a sad person... Haha. If anyone knows me this is NOT my personality. The Lord blesses me so much and through my obedience and complete faith in Him, He will help others come to the gospel. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I love it. Despite how hard it can be. Before I go, I have to share a funny experience... So on the other side of heaven there is the part where Elder Grohberg is walking along a path and the mosquitos and bugs are eating him alive and he all of a sudden just starts screaming and yelling while flailing his arms in the air because he was sick of getting bit. Well, I can testify that I have had THE SAME experience. Literally. We were walking and I just stopped threw a fit and started scratching my legs, while stomping and yelling in English- HEAVENLY FATHER WHY DID YOU CREATE BUGS! Haha oh man my companion was laughing for days, and still reminds me of this moment. 

Oh how I love this work. I really do. Until next week.

Hermana Frame

Flowers we see on our streets. Some of them seriously look fake but they
 are all so so so pretty!

my bug bites on my legs.... oh man I had a flip out moment this week. Even putting on repellent and trying to avoid bugs it’s impossible! I sometimes am up at night but I have taken Benadryl.... and that helps. Goodness me!


 My comp and I teach 3-5 students Tuesday thru Friday and it is fun but definitely makes me grateful for the seminary we have in the states. But I love the teenagers. They are so strong here.
I had to hand wash my own laundry. Make sure you are always grateful for washing machines! My hands are SO sore!
It is so beautiful when it rains. And it’s not hot so that is a plus. But this is in our sector.
I ate chicken heart, and also chicken lungs this week! I LOVE THE CHICKEN HEART. But the lungs on the other hand are not so great... They taste like iron, lots of it

Este perro es muy feo! This dog was prego and it is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. They love these dogs here and I want to puke every time I see them.
The river- RIO! It is so beautiful. I forget I am in Peru sometimes till I see things like this. 
It is a river on the way to Macamango

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