Monday, December 15, 2014

So this week I have pictures and words with them!

 In the moto waiting for Wendi! This week we had our first investigator have her interview for baptism! We are planning her baptism for the 27th! This girl is so awesome! I am sad she isn’t in the picture. But this is us waiting for her at 7 in the morning because it was the only time she could have a lesson before her interview! She is so close! But as we have been teaching her I have been so nervous. I freak out because I want them to be this spiritual giant when they get baptized but in reality they are starting as a little seed and we are helping them nurture that seed… But oh the stress! We are excited to see her be baptized because she was the first one we started teaching when we opened the sector. But oh how funny it is we have lessons in her moto! Oh the things that happen in Peru!

Our water! Yeah so we can buy bottled water and in the big 5 gallon jugs but it’s too much of a hassle for us so we just end up boiling the water and putting in this container… Until we took this picture!!!! OH MY GROSS!! It literally looks like healthy urine. Yeah, well lucky to say I am not sick at all and my GI system is amazing! I really haven’t been sick! SO BLESSED! 

Oh and the one of the water bottle with the funnel and paper towels. My comp was sick of having “floaties” in her water so she did this so she could chug her water. We have filter water bottles but man, the struggle is real here in South America! Haha!


The coconut tree!!! This is in the front part of our capilla-church… Yeah I totally have a coconuts growing right outside our church. Well one elder decided to climb it and break it open… But it isn’t ripe yet! So sad! They will be in a few weeks though! I am so excited because the coconut milk tasted disgusting!!!!

Breakfast this morning for p-day! So for breakfast we had pan con huevos and chocolate con leche- basically a piece of bread with a fried egg and then a chocolate drink. But the chocolate drink is hot and OH MY GOODNESS SO GOOD! It is made from literal bars of chocolate that they melt, put hot milk in with water, and then we put sugar in as we eat it. I love it! But this is a really common breakfast here in Peru. I LOVE IT!!

The last picture is the two of us during comp study! This is literally how it started that day… My comp says “well, I studied about prophets and honestly it is kind of boring…” and then it slowly started to go into a discussion about the dispensations of when the gospel was on the earth, all the different prophets and when they lived and slowly we got into how our gospel has spread to all the different parts of the earth. We also discussed how amazing it was how our country went through all it did so the gospel could be restored when it was! I had one of those lightbulb moments of WOW THIS GOSPEL IS SO AMAZING! Without Christopher Columbus, all the wars we went through, and the leaders of our country I would not be here in Peru preaching the gospel. The people here would have never had the chance. I would not have the gospel. Wow. But if you want to read about what we studied look up 1 Nephi 13: 10-19 and 2 Nephi 10:7-14. It is so cool! Nephi prophesied of so many things that were going to happen!

Anyways! As Christmas is coming closer and closer I love love love love love LOVE LOVE the chance I have to be here and to have the opportunity to share the gospel. Christ is the center of our church and to have the chance to celebrate his birth and life is the reason of the season. I hope you are all having a great Christmas season. Love you all! Until next week!

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