Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas from Methdesto California!  Love you all!
So we had huge news this week!  President told everybody that our mission is going to be splitting! 3 of the Northernmost zones will be combined with the Southern half of the Sacramento mission to make a brand new mission!  The California, Modesto mission!  Modesto?!  Ha when some of the members in our branch heard that they said "What?  Methdesto is going to be a mission?!" Haha apparently Modesto is the meth capital of the country so it surprised them a bunch that it was going to be it's own mission.  The change is going to be happening in July when the mission president comes in to his brand new mission!  Super crazy!!!!  So as I took this information in, I realized a few things: There's a possibility that I will serve with Elder Tucker Gammell and Elder Austin Jensen and any others I know serving in the Sacramento mission (which would be super cool!), if I am put in the Modesto mission I won't have a temple in my mission anymore (which would be lame), I could go through 2 different missions! It's pretty sweeeeett!  President also said that a few members of the Quorum of the Twelve will be here in January to reassign missionaries to the Modesto mission! Hopefully they do a mission tour so they can talk to us!  The last time this mission has had a tour by a 12 was more than 2 years ago so we're overdue for another one!!!  Whooooooooooo!  So many super cool things happening!!  Only dumb part about it is that we all have to wait until July to find out if we are being reassigned or not.  So many awesome things that are happening!! This also just goes to show that the work is truly moving forward and that the Lord is hastening it in his own time!
Erick. The bum who is finally getting baptized on the 27th after a year of attending church!
Other than that it's just been the same good old week!  Rolling up the sleeves and digging into the work! We've been visiting a bunch of less actives since that is what President has asked us to do as our keyholder!  As far as investigators, Elizabeth and Erick are scheduled to be baptized this Saturday! It's going to be awesome for Elizabeth's husband Carlos to be at the baptism!  Robert and Melissa are progressing as we continue to visit them!  Also, we have four new baptism dates for January!  Teresa, her husband Hicidro, her son Fabian, and her daughter Celeste, all have dates for the 17th of January!  They are turning into be solid investigators!  How we found them is actually pretty sweet!  President has asked us to find solely through less actives and that's what we've been doing.  It hadn't been yielding much fruit and so we thought about going back to knocking doors two hours a day, but in the end we decided to have faith in President's vision and we kept visiting less actives.  That night we were talking about our dwindling investigator pool when we got a call from 4th ward and they gave us a referral for a family that they set up an appointment with their super bad Spanish. Then the rest is history!  The Lord blessed us right after we decided to follow the advice of our key holder, who receives revelation for us.  The Lord knows if you are trying and he will bless you.  So don't lose hope!  It's all gonna work out!

Anyways!  Happy Christmas to yall and don't be sinning!

Elder Frame

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