Monday, December 8, 2014

CHRSTMAS SEASON… or Mango Season Same thing here…

Hey this is a song that is so common in Peru for Christmas!
 It is about going to Bethlehem to see baby Jesus on a donkey! 
We LOVE singing it.
This is going to be short today but I want to share a few things I have learned and loved studying about this week, and then as always enjoy my photos! This last week has been so great! I have been studying so much about the Savior and His Life but also the basic doctrines of the gospel. We were discussing as a companionship how the awesome investigators are the ones that have questions. They really question if the church is true, whether God loves them, why there is suffering, how the gospel can bless their family, where they came from, where they are going… I have always grown up in the gospel and this has been the greatest thing that Heavenly Father can bless me with but I have thought that questioning the gospel is bad. I didn’t want to question it because that was meaning I was having doubts. That meant I wasn’t strong. NO THAT IS COMPLETELY WRONG! We need to ask God. We need to test it. We need to know the church is true. If we are questioning it means you understand the importance of the information and you want to know it is true.  In the introduction to the Book of Mormon it says… “We invite all men everywhere to read the Book of Mormon, to ponder in their hearts the message it contains, and then to ask God, in the name of Christ if it is true. If you ask in faith you will gain a testimony of its truth and divinity by the power of the Holy Ghost.” This book is the keystone of our religion.  It is the guide we have for this mortal life. If we abide by its teaching our lives are filled with purpose and we can become more like Christ. The Book of Mormon speaks of Christ, His Atonement, and love of all mankind. This season, the Christmas season is the reason we celebrate. I love the song O Come All Ye Faithful… It is amazing. Come and Adore Him. Adore Him. Love Him. Want to be around Him, in His presence, and learn of Him. Come and Behold Him, Born the King of Angels. He was born for us. He was born for you and me. I read in a pamphlet we hand out… “As you rely on the Atonement, you will experience joy, peace, and consolation. All that seems unfair in life can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and the mercy and love of our Heavenly Father.” The message I am able to share on this mission, in Quillabamba Peru specifically is true or it’s not. Ask, seek and knock and it will be given. Oh how I love being a missionary. I LOVE IT WITH ALL MY HEART! This season come “adore” Him, behold Him, and share this light. I hope you are all enjoying this season!
Oh and for the title of this week! It is Mango season here! OH MY GOODNESS!!! Mango season…. WOW! I can’t even describe how good they are. We love to buy them from the Mercado each Monday and Thursday completely fresh probably picked that day and eat them. Oh they are so juicy and so yummy! We have probably two a day or more because members love giving them to us. One Hermana would not stop giving them to us!!! I think I ate 5 mangos in one sitting! While you are all eating gingerbread and candy canes I will be eating the Mangos! MMMM…good!!!
They also smash up the mangos and make like a Popsicle like thing and it’s a helado
Sorry not a crazy week! I have so many stories, but no time… Goodness me, the struggle! I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season!

Hermana Frame
The doors here! It is so weird. You walk into like a garage and then there is like 4 or 5 bedrooms where families all live in each of those rooms. 

 The chicolac is a chocolate drink that they freeze here in Quillabamba that we love getting when it is hot during the day!!!

Elections in Peru this week! It is a law they can’t hold any type of service, drink alcohol, or basically do anything but vote and it was on Sunday so I didn’t have church, it was so weird! And they walk the streets a few days before as advertising or campaigning... weird!!
And our cute decor!

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