Monday, December 1, 2014

All Dogs Go to Heaven- well except for one!

The primary kids in the branch here in Quillabamba.
They had their program this Sunday and it was
so cute and so weird to hear in Spanish! But I loved it! 
So this week I have abnormally came across dogs of all kinds. I love most of them… Yes even the stray ones that are totally gross and disgusting that look like big furry mops that should look white and they are black from not having one bath their whole life. But I love dogs. I always have. We were able to make friends with Dolly-or Dogo who is a member’s dog that goes with us everywhere! Literally I love it. Then there was a puppy I was able to hold and play with in an investigators house that WAS SO CUTE!!! It was so small and black and white- and oh if we could only have dogs in the mission. I would love it! But, I do have to say that I truly believe that every dog on this earth will go to heaven. I do believe that. UNTIL I WAS BIT BY A DOG! Yes, it is true! I was the one person before my mission to think I was the exception. NOPE! We were going to visit a non-member, and someone who lived in the same house as them was just outside the door. We asked her if we could go inside and she allowed us in but meanwhile her small dog did not understand and as we were walking in it bit me! It was being protective I guess! Goodness me. It didn’t even bark or anything! SERIOUSLY! My companion thought I just stubbed my toe or something. So I acted like nothing was wrong because she was already talking to the non-member but I looked at her and said… Make another appointment because we need to go. As we left, I was trying not to swear at the dog as we walked by and not limp as we walked home. Oh my goodness!!! I thought it was so funny because me of all people. Really. Haha! But pray that I don’t get rabies! No, it is an owned dog and we just have to go back to the same house to check and see if the dog is diseased. Like I want to see that dumb dog again. My leg is healing great though. It wasn’t even that bad because the dog was small so that was a blessing! But no worries at all! I have not been affected at all! Just a bruise and some puncture wounds is all…
Dolly/dogo my favorite dog in the whole world. 
And no I did not take a pic of the dog that bit me. 
It makes me mad just thinking of the dang dog. 
I know I just said dang. I will repent. HAHA!

Today is December 1! IT IS CHRISTMAS SEASON! Don’t worry I will celebrate with my palm trees, rainy weather, and humidity. Oh it is so weird for me but oh so good! We were introduced to the video this morning of what will be shared this Christmas season by the church and I AM SO EXCITED! They made pass along cards especially for this and we as a companionship are so excited to share the message of Jesus Christ. Watch the video on! And share it. The message I am getting to share is so special to me. Our church is centered on Jesus Christ and this is what the season is about. You hear it all the time but it is true. I don’t have a lot of time this week. I hope you all have a great kick off to the Christmas season. Eat lots of Christmas treats because here fruit-cake is a big deal… We will see what I think of it.

Love you all!
Hermana Frame
At night here. Not great quality but this is a pic of a wow! I am in Peru moment! Haha!
Me in the alomeda where we walk down every day! Look how green it is here I LOVE IT! 

Me and my comp at dinner for her birthday this week!
 We are eating a Peruvian dish of salchipapas-
basically hot dogs and french fries that are deep fried
with our inka-kola! YUM!

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