Monday, December 29, 2014


Well.  This last week has been super awesome!  I have been able to use my priesthood authority like crazy!  We gave 4 blessings last week!  2 of them were not members!  It was awesome!  The first two were to members and on the second one the member had asked her two roommates if they wanted blessings too.  They both said they did so we gave them both blessings.  The one that I gave was in English so I was able to say a little bit more than I would if I gave it in Spanish.  After I finished the lady was crying and she could barely thank us!  The Priesthood is so amazing!  Why aren't there people just lining up at the font wanting to be baptized just because we have the actual power of God on the earth!?  Satan is a real wretch.

Anyways, those blessings were awesome to lead up into Christmas which was WAY better than I expected it to be!  I knew seeing my family would be super awesome then I just thought the rest of the day was gonna be kinda lame, but I was way wrong!  It was super awesome!  After seeing the family and chatting with them we opened up our gifts and we loved them!  Ha especially Farkle!  Nobody had ever played it before but everybody is a fanatic now!  After some Farkle we went and had an early dinner and then watched Frozen.  Everybody was impressed with that cause they had never seen it before.

After Frozen we played Monopoly for the rest of the night and the two Martinez kids killed us!  It was their first time playing Monopoly ever!  And they killed all of us!  After that we just went home and listened to Christmas music for the rest of the night cause we have to wait for a whole nother year until we can listen to it again.

Also. Transfers were on Saturday.  I've been called to be a trainer and complete the training of an Elder Vargas in the Hanford zone in Kingsburg.  Dang! I'm leaving Modesto!  Elder Budding is staying though, so it'll be in good hands. It's gonna be a huge growing experience though because I am not completely fluent in Spanish, I barely got out of training and I have no idea what his area the Kingsburg area is like!  Elder Vargas is fluent in English and Spanish so that'll be a huge help.  All I'll have to do is get him used to being denied and then how to effectively use his time.  Ha.  I'll be learning pretty much right along with him cause he's only got one transfer less than me!  Change!  Always a hard thing, but always a good thing to grow!

Leaving means I have to say a lot of goodbyes, so I'm sending a bunch of photos of great members and friends I'll be leaving behind so yall can get a look at all their beautiful faces!!

So to conclude this entry.  Change is good.  Accept it and go forward with faith in Christ.  Anything is possible with a God on your side!  Haha pray for me!  (And Elder Vargas!!!)

Love yall!

Elder Frame

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