Monday, March 2, 2015

From the Mouth of my Companion!

awkward picture of me with the flowers... 
Gotta love trying to pose with a backpack and
 bees about to take my head off.. 
Which were in the tree of course.
Pretty picture of random flowers that are in bloom!
But there is a ton of trees that are covered in these flowers.

Hermana Hoskins letter..........

Dear everyone,
           This week was great! I don't have a lot more to say about it other than ward counsel is really funny.
        Ok, of course I will now tell a story. Once upon a time we were sitting in branch council. The branch president, President  Melchor, was talking to the brand new president of the elder’s quorum. He was talking to him all about how we needed to get the home teaching assignments going and all about how the elders quorum president has keys to do it and to know who should be assigned with who and who they should visit.
            During his whole speech the elder’s quorum president listened intently but began looking more and more overwhelmed. As President Melchor began wrapping up he said something like “of course if you need help I am here to help you.” Before he even finished speaking the elder’s quorum president blurted out.
“Please help me!”
Everyone burst into laughter but the whole experience can be related to our lives. Sometimes we just need to know when to ask for help from the best source….wink ...wink…Heavenly Father. (Did you like how I tried to tie that all in to something spiritual…I try)
At that same branch council a caterpillar appeared on my companions backpack during the closing prayer….I won’t say I may have something to do with it but….she should have left the water bottle right-side up in her backpack. Don’t worry she jabbed me with her elbow during the prayer and I was able to put it back in the water bottle before the prayer ended. I’m pretty sure only the relief society president had any clue something was up but maybe that’s just because Hna. Frame and I were sharing a chair right next to her…but that’s another story.
            Branch council always makes us laugh!!!!
            Ok, just one more story. This week we went to have a lesson with our investigator Alex at the house of a member. We went to the door of the single sister’s house, who should’ve been alone, and knocked. As we waited for her to come to the door I started laughing because it sounded like she had 10 men in her house. So, I turned to my companion and said “Oh, Hna. Mery invited the guys over for the super bowl!” I had just finished saying this when Hna. Mery came to the door and we looked in only to see our two zone leaders and two other elders from our zone inside helping her paint her store. Hna. Frame and I still laugh about it Yep, the super bowl aka 4 elders painting a house.
Love you all tons
Sister Heidi Hoskins
WAHOO! Hermanas for life! 
We are going on our 4th transfer and going strong!
Well, as from my companion..... this week has been filled with laughter but so many great experiences I can’t write it all! Sorry it is so short but just so you know I am loving my time with Hermana Hoskins! She is amazing and such a hard worker even when times are not exactly how we want them.

But I want to add how amazing it has been to see our ward progress. When we got here it was struggling. We did not have presidents in each of the areas, not many were coming to church, and quite honestly it was hard to get them to welcome and incorporate the menus activos and recent converts we were bringing into the ward. But WOW. We sit in ward conference and I can just feel the spirit working. We now have a presidency in each organization and wow to hear them so concerned about so many people and what they can do to serve and just wow. Hermana Hoskins and I just want to cry… That sounds like we are emotional but really. It reminds me of a quote I have on my wall.

 “There is no greater joy in life than being anxiously engaged in the service of the Lord.” M. Russell Ballard

It is true. When you look outside of yourself and serve the Lord, which means you are serving the people you really feel that TRUE joy. It is indescribable. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be a missionary. I love it. Each minute, each second, each moment. It is so amazing to see the change in people as they are coming closer to Christ.

 I have to go but I love you all and I pray that you are serving the Lord and consecrating all you do to the Lord. It really is worth it- vale la pena as they say in Spanish. 

Until next week! Enjoy the pics!

Hermana Frame

 Bring in the trucks filled with fruit from the jungle!
 Interesting and so creepy at the same time....
live cuy they sell and they will just kill it on the spot if needed! 
Cuy is Guiney pig but they eat it all the time in Peru!
Verduras or veggies in the market! So fresh!
Meat in the Market!
 Yeah don’t freak out that is nothing!
There was like 6 cows just hanging in the back...
 Made it feel like I was on Hunger games or something?
This is Karen and Magaly. OH I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.
 Magaly is such a good example to me
and Karen is our 17 year old that we are working with
 to get reactivated. LOVE THEM!
What in the world!?
 Found this spider and had to kill it for Hermana Hoskins bug collection! 
My companion is crazy!
 And yes the tape had to be there... 
Couldn’t have ANY part of that creepy thing touching me!
Oh how cute right? NOT!!! Ah I forget I am in the jungle sometimes
No comment
We came across this Peruvian with her sheep
 just walking in the road. Totally normal!
And as you can see I am almost as tall as her
but kneeling down! HAHA!

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