Monday, April 20, 2015


Okay first of all I didn’t kill an animal, my companion did but I was for sure in the process. I am sorry to all of you animal lovers, especially bunny lovers because I have to admit. Yes, I really did do it, and no I didn’t cry.

But first I want to start out with I am doing great! The sector of La Granja in Quillabamba Peru is doing amazing! Hermana Liza and I are going at it. Well, as much as we can! My companion has a soft tissue fracture on her left foot and has dealt with it her whole mission. My mission president emailed me right before we became companions and told me about her situation. She has one transfer left in the mission and needs to rest, but finish her mission with honor. So, that is where it is rough! When do I know that she needs to rest to not make it worse, and to help her get out working so that we don’t kill each other in our small apartment! Haha! No, I have witnessed miracles this week as I try to follow the spirit to know exactly what to do. We take it a day at a time. It for sure is a different schedule than before but the Lord is in the work. I can testify of that.

But, long story short we have been doing great! OH AND SHE IS PERUVIAN! Haha, sorry I forgot that point. She is from Chiclayo-shout out to Hermana Chandler on her mission- but also she is so laid back. Which is exactly what I need. I stress, she calms me down and we do the work. Haha! She has 10 siblings and her parents are converts. She has a sister on a mission in Bolivia which returns 2 weeks before her! Wow, sounds kind of like Jackson, I mean Elder Frame and me! Well, when we left haha!

But long story short, yes I did help kill the white bunny! It was a members and one day we went to visit her and she said that she has wanted to try rabbit and my companion said… You haven’t killed one before? Apparently the people from Quilla don’t know how to kill, skin, and prepare a rabbit to eat. Well, Hermana Liza does. Well, she has watched it be done. HAHA! So we set up a time to come and have a rabbit feast. Yep. This is how it went.

We showed up, Mery (the member) said she couldn’t watch it be killed, left us in another room, and we sat in the other room for 20 minutes literally discussing how we were going to do it and who was doing what and then on the count of three it was all done. Okay not all of it. The whole process took 11 minutes exactly. From the time the rabbit was alive, to the time it was ready to be fried. WAHOO! If anyone needs a rabbit killed, skinned, and a meal prepared I can do it! Haha! But it was bloody, and NO ONE wanted to watch, and my companion feels like crap because later as we were eating the rabbit as well as the cake we made for Abuelitas birthday Mili, the daughter of Mery said, "Where is my bunny?”   UHHHHHH AWKWARD!!!!    Haha I literally just started laughing because no one said anything. And then she freaked and started crying and Mery had to go buy a white bunny that day at the market so Mili wouldn’t hate us for eternity. Although I think she does. HAHAHAHAHA! Oh the experience.  Enjoy the pics. Hehe.

Also, I want to end with my testimony about prayer. Each time I think about it lately I want to just stop and talk with everyone and tell them…. Did you know that you have a Heavenly Father that cares about you more than anyone else in this entire world? Well, if don’t, then you kneel down and just ask to feel His love. He loves each of us, one by one. I know that. Through prayer we can receive guidance, feel loved, and create a relationship with our Maker. It reminds me of Punchinello in the book You Are Special. He loves us individually. I can testify of that.

Well, I am going to some sweet waterfalls today! Need to run! Until next week.

Hermana Frame

Don’t worry Mom and Dad I won’t come back wanting to kill every animal I see. I really did feel bad after Mili didn’t know we killed her pet…. Poor thing!

Oh and it was Abuelitas birthday! We made a cake, celebrated and made it the best day she has had in a LONG time. Oh, the memories. SHE TURNED 90!!!! What a woman!

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