Monday, April 13, 2015

Elder Frame's still on a mission sending letters.

Yeah.  I run out of clever subject lines.

So this week was long and great!  Between meetings and teaching it has been a fulfilling and fun week!

We had President Interviews this week and that was great!  President Clark is such an inspired man!  Ha quick funny story about that too, Sister Clark has a fun way of making you want to be on time.  If you are late you get to plank (get on the floor in push up position and rest on your forearms) until she's tired.  It's become a mission wide thing.  Every Zone Conference there's always elders planking at the start. I've escaped planking so far in my mission and Sister Clark even told me she was impressed that I haven't had to plank yet and she'd be watching me. So this past Friday Elder Agazzani and I were 1 minute late to her training while President did interviews, so he and I got to plank until Sister Clark was tired.  Dang! She didn't tire very quickly!  After 4 and half minutes she said she was tired and we went and sat back down for her training!  Usually it's about 2 minutes of planking! She told me that since I had never been late that I deserved more cause I should've been in the habit of it already!  Psh. Sister Clark! Ha she's a great lady!

Our stake got a new stake presidency, so all the members were all antsy and anxious to find out their new stake presidency!  We had Elder Baxter from the First Quorum of the Seventy and Elder Packer of the Seventy show up to reorganize it!  They gave phenomenal talks and I want to share my favorite quote from Elder Baxter's:(also read this in an English accent cause he's from London! It makes the quote so much cooler!!)

"We ought to have a spring in our step, a smile on our face and a twinkle in our eye because there's a fire burning in our hearts."

Whoa!  So good!  Here's what I wrote down after his talk: "We all should let the light of Christ shine through us at every moment of the day!  We should have our burning testimonies light our whole being all the time because we have the truth!  We have purpose!  We have the knowledge that we are never alone!  We have so much that should make us happy ALL THE TIME!  Sometimes I think we just let other things smother or dampen our fire.  Maybe we lose sight of our purpose in being here. Maybe we sin and don't fully believe that Christ can forgive and heal us.  Whatever is smothering or dampening your fire, get rid of it!  Let your divine potential shine through your actions, the way you look, talk, what you do. These are all indicators of how much you are letting that light from your fire show!  Every thought, decision, and act will, however minutely, eternally affect you!  Choose to do good, choose to let your light shine so that others will know 'where to look for their salvation!'"  So yeah.  I filled up a lot of my journal with stuff from his talk!!

Love yall!

Elder Frame

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