Monday, April 6, 2015

Full of Emotion!

Well, I will have to say that I have been through all the emotions you can imagine in the last 24 hours! Changes are extremely crazy in the mission and TODAY ARE CHANGES! But the big news is that I am staying in Quillabamba!

I will have completed 7 and a half months here! But sadly Hermana Hoskins is going to Cusco! We both are getting Latina companions! Wow it will be extremely different but I am so so so so excited! But, Hermana Hoskins just informed me that she is tiny, meaning short so bring I ton! I am going to look more like a giant…. Haha! But wow I am full of gratitude as I reflect on all that has happened and am so grateful for the Lord and His hand in my work here especially in Quillabamba!

 I don’t have a lot of time today because we have to go and pack! Hermana Hoskins to leave and also me because I am going to be moving for the THIRD time in my mission! This is abnormal… Let me repeat… It is abnormal to have moved in the mission this many times. But we are certain this move will be the last! I will have to send pics of our beautiful new space… I have seen it and I WILL HAVE HOT WATER TO SHOWER IN!!! Fist pump! Not that I want it hot because I am sweating all the time but still…

This week has been a spiritual upliftment for me though. Conference was incredible and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be guided by a living prophet in a world that is filled with confusion. As I was getting people to come to the conference (no they can’t watch it in their houses, so they come to the church) my heart was full. I watched as the Peruvians all filed in and it was a momento that I was so grateful to be here experiencing the church in a whole different part of the world and the joy I feel as I am serving the Lord where He wants me to serve. Tears filled my eyes as the thought of having to leave them sooner than I want filled my thoughts. Oh, and just the clarity in my thoughts as I was reassured that this church is true. The gospel is flooding the earth and I love being a part of it.

Hermana Hoskins and I literally feel like we are attached at the hip so pray for me that these next few days will go smoothly. She has been a strength to me especially in the first months of my mission and we will be friends for a long long time. Relationships are so important. Who you associate with in life determines the person you become. I am grateful to have at least 6 months with this amazing woman.

Well, I have to go! Have a great week and I will update more on the work here in Hawaii, I mean Quillabamba next week!

Hermana Frame

Oh, and my new companions name is Hermana Liza! I am sure you will get the low down of her and how excited I am to have my first Latina companion!

Enjoy the Pics of my crazy celebrations for my birthday! 

Wow, I was SPOILED! When they found out it was my birthday they went crazy! Surprise parties, cakes, gifts, and lots of hugs and kisses on the cheek! I am so grateful for the time I have been able to rub shoulders with each of them!

Our abuelita came to conference! This lady is the cutest, and of course I had to get a pic!

Oh, and the Hermanas in my district bought me sparklers and made me homemade cookies! What a birthday... I will never forget it that is for sure!

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