Monday, April 6, 2015


So yeah.  What's going on everybody?  Same old same old over here in DANG SUNNY California!  It's been SO HOT!  I got sunburned!  Let the summer of burning begin. Woooooo.  I'm sure the enabling power of the Atonement will help me through these hard upcoming months.

This week was full of meetings.  Leadership training meetings, normal meetings, and general conference made this week seem super duper short!

Speaking of general conference.  GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS AWESOME!  I watched the first session of it in Spanish and understood 92.1% of it.  So that was pretty cool.  The rest was in glorious English and it was all AMAZING.  My favorite talk out of all of them was the talk about the Indian and the dancing.  We have to find the music within us.  All I thought about throughout the whole conference was of the EFY song Glorious.  I was also thinking that it would make a really cool Mormon message.  Anyways, enough of my prophecies of future missionary tools for us to use.

We have an investigator named Nairoby that is really progressing towards baptism!  She's been looking for the truth for 3 years now she told us and she really believes that we've brought it to her!  Yaahaa!  So awesome to see the Lord hastening his work!

Studying the Atonement this week has been so awesome and so amazing as I've really tried to understand it in as many levels as possible.  The depth of his pain.  Incalculable.  The effects of it. Infinite.   We choose what we are going to do with his infinite sacrifice.  Will we choose to let it enable us, change us?  Will we choose to let it heal us?  Will we choose to understand it and thereby gain greater access to it?  We are all here to choose who we will follow. What we choose to do with this infinite and empowering gift will have eternal consequences!  We have our agency!  O be wise, what can I say more?

Love yall!

Elder Frame

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