Monday, April 27, 2015

I was so forgetful this week!

I know a little about sprinkling systems, I think?  Thanks Bro Whitehead!
Elders all learning from the sisters because they are always so righteous it diminishes us. (Not really we just don't know how they always have such high weekly numbers.)
And beautiful Elder Agazzani!

What's going on everybody!  It's Elder Frame right from Kingsburg/Parlier!

Another week come and gone in my mission! I was thinking about my time the other day and just made my head hurt. We can never ever get back any time we spend. There are no rebates. We are here to prove ourselves. Every. Single. Second. We are on this earth to prove to our Heavenly Father how bad we want eternal life and exaltation and to live in his presence again. Each and every thought and action will be a testament to what we truly wanted in this life. So I thought about that. Is what I do every second of the day showing my Heavenly Father how bad I want to be with him again for eternity? It shook me up a little bit because I cannot honestly say that EVERY single second of the day I'm focusing on my mission, my investigators, learning more, etc.  I am striving to be exactly obedient so that I can, when I come to meet Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father, look them straight in the face and say that I strove my best to use every single second to demonstrate that I wanted to come back and live with them. I know that right now as I live my missionary purpose EVERY second of the day I will become the missionary Heavenly Father needs. I'll become the missionary my investigators need! I'll be showing them second by second or decision by decision that my deepest desire is to live with them again.  Anyways, that was my deep thought for this past week.

Here's a super cool quote from Miracle of Forgiveness! 

"Happiness is an elusive thing.  It is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  If we go out deliberately to find it, we may have difficulty in catching it.  But if we follow directions closely, charting our course properly, we will not need to pursue it.  It will overtake us and remain with us."

Yeah. I have no inspiring words to follow that or anything.  I just really liked it so yall should read it and think about it!

Anyways, this past week I had such a bad problem with leaving my stuff ALL over the zone!  I was so forgetful this week!  I lost the following throughout the week: my wallet, our phone, my suit coat, our car keys, our dinner calendar, my shoe, my planner, my camera, and whatever else I can't remember right now!  It was so bad!  We were always having to look for my stuff ALL WEEK!  So yeah, my goal this week is to stop losing stuff.  I just gotta remember that goal. Ha.

Anyways.  Love you all so much!  Keep on keeping on!

Elder Frame

first pic is Elder Allred and I acting out the pic behind us! I love that Elder!  He's a huge goofball so we have a lot in common!
Before and after.  Yeah.  We play dress up as missionaries too. I forgot how fun it is!!
Adopting the statues!

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