Monday, July 6, 2015

Blah. Another Subject Heading I Can't Think Up Anything Clever.

God's Grace Shed on America.
Hey everybody!  How's life been for yall?!  I'm praying and hoping all has been well.

So yeah.  This week has been so great!  We have a progressing family coming to church with dates for next weekend!  Their last name is Herrera and they have introduced us to extended family and their friends!  It's awesome!  They are all accepting it so fast we are just trying to keep up with them!  So yeah.  It's been a blessed week in the Selma area!

The fourth was crazy fun!  Not that great of fireworks but it was ok since we ate like 3 dinners all hamburgers and hotdogs!  Nothing says 'Merica better than one hand holding a hotdog, the other a hamburger, fireworks overhead, and being burned by little kids with sparklers.  It's a great feeling. I'll tell you what.

I've really buckled down hard and started to read the Book of Mormon like a madman.  I have read from Second Nephi to Third Nephi this week..... that sounds like I just read like 1 book but there's actually a lot inbetween there.  There is SO MUCH we can learn from each character in the Book of Mormon and their situations.  I've felt more strength, love, and support from my Heavenly Father as I have made scripture study more of a priority in my studies and throughout my day.  There's an article in the ensign for this month that also helped me understand why I've been feeling the spirit so much more in the mission.  It's about going to bed ontime and arising early enough to study the scriptures.  I invite all of you to read it.  It will be such a help to you all.  Especially in these summer months.

Hey.  Love you all.  Keep the Faith.

Elder Frame

All of us Brilliant Americans!  Oh and that Argentine back there.

Fun with the Zone Leaders wheelchair!
(btw I did get all the way down the stairs.
That's right. I'm SO prepared if I get injured!

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