Monday, July 6, 2015

Some Turkey and Spirituality

I should probably put spirituality before the turkey but hey! Funny story. Hermana Bazo and had such a great week! We found many new investigators that we hope progress and WOW I have never seen the work like this before here in my sector. But anyways! Yesterday we got done with studies and began our afternoon of walking our sector, having lessons, and working to contact every living Peruvian that walks in our beautiful sector.

HAHA! No, but we went to find one of our investigators but she wasn’t there. I thought it was odd because I knew we were supposed to be there. But apparently not for her. We were walking away and all of a sudden the door that is right next to hers opens and it is an old woman probably in her 80s. She looks at us and immediately I just started talking to her. Weird! I don’t usually do that… Well, I mean I usually just say good afternoon and keep walking! But, something was different. I immediately said HI! We are missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! Have you ever heard of our church, the Mormon church? She said no but she was catholic (what they all say) and we asked if we could talk with her a little bit. She invited us in. BUT this is where the turkeys come into play. She has two very LARGE turkeys. They were right there. Right where we were supposed to walk in. And if you know anything about turkeys they spread their feathers out and make it look like they are 50 times bigger than they really are and I was like…. Um, Hermana Bazo… It wont do anything to me right? Wow, but they were making this weird choking noise and their gobble gobble gobble and wow can you tell I have found a new fear? TURKEYS! Haha! So the whole time during the lesson these turkeys were sitting there hissing at us or whatever they do… and well it was hard for me to concentrate. Finally I just asked the old woman if she had a palo (stick) so that I could wave it at them to get away. She was laughing so hard! I think with me being American and then having a fear of a stinking turkey… she was getting a kick out of it. But, we did have the lesson. And we were definitely supposed to find her. She needed to know she was loved. Her husband is in the hospital and she lives alone, besides her turkeys… haha but we were meant to find her. I know that. AH! And just to be able to help bring her the love of our Heavenly Father. I just always feel like I am doing my job when they feel it. When they want us to come back, when hug us as we leave even though we have only known each other for 10 minutes. I love being a missionary! Oh the little tender mercies of the Lord.

This week a little more on our Savior. This is from my study journal this week: I was not on the earth when Christ came. I wish I was but my trial of faith is to be here without Him physically being here and believing He did come, and that He will come. I have faith He came preached. I know that He did. I know that He was kind, gentle, loving, and wanted to be there. I know He wept for those that suffered, and not only that but for the joy He felt for those that we righteous and that wanted to come to Him. I know He loved them ONE by ONE. I know that by living His teachings we are happier and we are complete. We don’t have to constantly try to find the missing piece that comes from living in the world. I know that I can feel clean. I know that through repentance and the daily change I make to change my worldly desires to be more in line with those of my Heavenly Father I am doing what I came here to do. I know that as I change I can help others by testifying that He lives. He is not here physically but I know He is here.

I read an article and the words spoke to me… “Growing up in the church and going to primary, I have learned about Jesus Christ from when I was a little girl. And my testimony has grown stronger since then. Now that I am on a mission, I love having the opportunity to share the gospel and testify of Jesus Christ every day. As I think of the savior and all the things he has done for me, I want to be closer to Him. I am personalizing the things I learned as a child. I love being able to help others feel the love of our Savior Jesus Christ. This is not just something I say-it comes from my heart.” Susana V.

This week I realized that studying about the Savior helps my faith grow. But I have realized that it is my actions that show it all. As I serve and serve trying to serve my Heavenly Father I will find that my character, desires, and thoughts change to become more like Christ. When I help others come unto Him I have found that I become closer to Him.

I love this gospel. I know you all know that. But it is why I am here and wow, the blessings I have had. Thank you to all that have supported me. I am so happy, so grateful, loving every bit of it. Until next week!

Hermana Frame

Photos in the morning of the 4th! 
I wished my cute mom was here to paint 
cute red, white, and blue stars on my face
 but a flag and a picture of us is good right Mom! 
Hope you all had a good day full of American food, 
fireworks, parades, and just spending it with family!
I played monoperu this week! Monopoly but Peruvian style!
 It was fun and they are both investigating the church. 
It is the only way that I could get into their house to teach them. 
And you bet I did! 
We taught them, and had a fun game of monopoly after!
Pizza! We had an activity with the YW-YM again
 and they wanted me to teach them how to make pizza! 
Such a good day on the 4th! 
I felt like I was in America for about 2.5 seconds!
I had fun teaching Rudolf the Red-nose Reindeer for English Class! 
They all love my enthusiasm... Ha.
They have parades randomly... Like all the time. 
This was one for a high school that had their anniversary. 
It is so funny to me because it is so normal 
for people to just have their own parade whenever they want! 
The teachers even had to march as well! Haha!
My companion is obsessed with Cats. 
Fun fact. I told her we need to get a bigger picture of Christ 
on our wall because it is a bit weird 
to have the cat one bigger. HAHA
Yessicas papers came so she can get married! 
Don’t be fooled she was actually super happy
 but she had a HORRIBLE cold 
so she hated that I wanted a picture 
with her but we took one anyway haha.
 But slowly but surely we hope to have her baptism. 
I am learning PATIENCE!
 We played volleyball this morning at 7 and it was so fun!
I love it and wow beating the heat was so good 
because with the humidity it is ridiculous. 

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