Monday, July 20, 2015

Well, this week was a great week! We are here in the internet early getting in our emailing because we have a crazy day ahead that will be a zone pday! Wahoo! But overall Hermana Bazo and I are going strong!


We had 5 investigators in sacrament this week! I hate numbers as a missionary but it was a HUGE accomplishment. We are teaching so many people right now and it is such an incredible blessing for us. It is the Lords work. We are His hands and we see miracles daily when we give our lives to Him. I love being a missionary. But they all have a date to be baptized and well, we are praying and working, praying some more and doing all we can so they can work towards their goal!

But don’t think everything is fine and dandy. Yessica has a LOT of problems with getting papers done to get married but we are trying all we can to help. We are also teaching another old couple that we found (remember the turkey story), yeah!!! They are married (which never happens in Peru, in which I say MIRACLE) and they are wanting to be baptized ASAP. Haha! 80 years old and going strong! But it takes a lot of patience teaching them but it is an incredible experience because we take members with us that speak QUECHUA! What! Wow, I testify that the spirit is incredible. No matter what language, what situation, who is in the lesson the spirit is the key. Wow! But also reading to them from the Book of Mormon in Quechua is quite the experience. Haha! I am still learning Spanish for heavens sake…. You would all die laughing if you could hear me TRY to read. But wow, our church is incredible. To have Books of Mormon in more than 100 languages. It blows my mind! WOW! But yeah, we had a great week. Moving forward and loving the missionary life. I LOVE MY MISSION. I always will.

Funny moment this week. Well, yesterday bahaha. I called to give our numbers to the elders…. We do this every Sunday night… but anyways at the end of the phone call I meant to say Call us, yeah? Because we were planning pday and I needed him to call us with more info. BUT in Spanish call me and love me is REALLY CLOSE. (me llama y me ama) I am sure it is funnier if you actually speak Spanish but the elder just had a huge awkward pause and they both just started laughing because it was on speaker phone. OH HERMANA FRAME! But it totally sounded like I said will you love me? HAHA! Yeah, well I need to go! Have a great week! Love you all!

Hermana Frame

We love the bakery across the street! of course we find every reason to go!
 Haha... But we have limited it to once a week! Oh the temptation!
Our weekly family home evening! we had both families that we are teaching..
 Yessica and her kids and Daisy and Paula (Paula will be baptized on the 8th of august)
 and then Wendy our convert and all of it went down in Merys store!
 We love our FHE. It was a bit crazy though!
 Pizza was the hit and everyone loved it!

Eating yummy churros on pday!

The hermana leaders came and I tried not crying when Hermana Essig left!
 She has 3 weeks left in the mission. Oh how I love her!
 She has visited me 5 times here in Quilla!
 Such good memories with all of these hermanas!

We played UNO on pday! Uno is such a hit here in Peru! thanks mom for sending it!

Us teaching in quechua!
 Or more like Hermana Mery teaching in Quechua! Haha.
 We are there just to help her with it all. Such a cool experience.
 And of course the inca cola we have practically in every lesson we have.

And we helped clean a members house
 because they had a son visiting from Provo Utah!
 Wow, it was fun to talk to him about Utah
 and no I wasn’t trunky. Haha

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