Monday, July 27, 2015

Worth It!

Well, I have no time and wanted to write a little bit of the time I have left! So everything here has been going great and yes I love every bit of my mission! But I did have one day this week I wanted to go crazy! It is a bit chaotic here in our branch.

Our president has left and it is affecting everyone. When there is no head there is no organization at all. He left and is having problems returning so we have been without a president for about 2 months now. But it has taken a toll on the members, our investigators, and definitely the missionaries. One day I turned to my companion and said.... "ugh sometimes it is hard being a member of the church." and then literally as I said that I tripped stepping up onto the curb, biffed it hard core and I have to say it was one of those moments I should have started laughing but I started crying. I was so overwhelmed as I have been training, helping all the leaders with their callings because they don’t see the importance in doing it, and our citas had fallen through and I felt like the world was just totally falling. Haha! Oh how I laugh about it. But seriously I just laid there, cried like a 2 year old for a few seconds and then told my companion... We can do this... Haha!  Oh brother, the experiences on a mission.

But even when it feels like nothing is working out I had the thought. It will only be for a moment. And it was. Everything is not perfect right now but it is all worth it.

I have had so many other experiences this week and have no time but overall I LOVE IT. I love being a missionary.

But I found a quote this morning. President Uchtdorf said.

"Living the gospel is not a burden. It is a joyful rehearsal- a preparation for inheriting the grand glory of the eternities."

It is so true. I love being a member of the church and I love helping others come to realize that the gospel is everything, even when it is hard. 

But enjoy your week wherever you are. Keep up the work, and let us all focus on building Zion wherever we are. It is worth it. All worth it.

Well, love you all!

Hermana Frame

We have had Quillabamba days this week and all the schools march.
 They call it disfiliando. Crazy!
But it is so fun to watch them and 
we were able to see some of the members in our ward.
Francesca one of the young women in our ward, 
loving it! It is hot though and they get so tired. 
But it is a cool tradition they had.

We had family home evening again and made arroz con leche with mozamorra]!
 It is a normal dessert they have here in Peru! It is super yummy!

We went to Cusco for a conference!
 We were able to see Hermana White with her daughter (she is training too

We had a great time helping with a boda-wedding
 that Hermana Essig and Hermana Guahardo had that night we were there.
 We helped with all the food and all the people loved it
 as Hermana Bazo and I were the servers.
It was super interesting!

Hermana Hunter turned to me at the wedding and said...
 I want Chilis... Let’s go and grab some chips and salsa....
 so we went and hurried back as it was almost nine thirty haha!
 We went there and also to get frozen yogurt! We had such a fun time! 

The pics of all the people selling food in the plaza de armas! 
It is so fun to be in a different culture to see everything they eat, sell, and well... enjoy!
 Helping Hermana Margarita with her family history! 
Oh I love doing it and she is so excited to bring the names to the Lima temple.
 It is 24 hours away but has a goal to go in December!  Wahoo!

I went to Siete Tinajas for the 4th time with my zone!
 I think I know it pretty darn well!
 But we found another small waterfall a little farther in so that was cool!

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