Friday, July 17, 2015

Go Back to the BASICS

I had a great, normal, and wonderful time this week in the mission. How original… Haha! But short spiritual tid bit. A quote that I came across this week really had an impact on me!

 “In our day to day actions, it is often the small and simple things that have a long lasting impact. What we say, how we act, and how we choose to react will influence not only ourselves but also those around us. We can build up or tear down.” Per G. Malm of the seventy

The little little little things we do every day. What we decide to eat for lunch, who to talk to, what movie to watch, what to post on facebook-or every other type of social media, what store to go to, who to talk to, how long we study, etc. There is SO many things you can do in one day whether you are a missionary or not has a lasting impact.

 This week Hermana Harbertson told us that each morning she gets up and studies. She immediately says her prayers and in her personal study, she studies something from the doctrine of Christ: Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, or Enduring to the End. She looks at what she will face that day and what she NEEDS to study, studies it and then applies it. Wow, her testimony is powerful.
Hermana Harbartson was able to come with us to two appointments with one of them being abuelita! 
Oh how it was so fun to see her talk to her... Well, I had to translate all of it
 because she doesn’t talk very well in Spanish but she just looked at me and said.
 Hermana Frame, thank you for visiting her every day. You will be blessed.
 I told her I already was.
 We do go every day and what a blessing it is to bring the love of our savior
 to a 90 year old woman who has not one person living with her and sits all day long.
 SHE is a blessing to us and teaches me humility to me daily.
 I have seen the miracle of the basic doctrines of the gospel. In my investigators when they change their lives through these 5 things they are completely different people. They have more joy, they want to do good, and they see that Christ is everything. Look at what you are doing every day? Is it helping you have a life filled with joy and happiness? If so great! There is always something to improve… Focus more on what matters most. And for those that feel like they are not. Well, my advice is to go


Pray, study, and trust in the Lord. He will help you if you are you are doing your part to learn from your studies, and then ACT. Well, I need to go! Have a great week!

Hermana Frame

This the way they build homes in Peru! I can’t remember if I already sent a pic. 
Bu,t WOW!  It kills me every time I walk by. I hope the men didn’t mind me taking a pic.
One of the young women had a dinner for her birthday and her parents bought her chancho!
 A whole pig! WOAH! Yeah I had to get a pic with it.
Our weekly family home evening!
We had popcorn with the Joseph Smith movie!
How amazing it was to help teach my recent convert Wendy 
as well as my investigators Yessica and Mijael together about the prophet Joseph Smith.
It brought the spirit so strong. Oh, how I love our FHE!
It was fun to see how much Yessica loved learning about the life of Joseph Smith. 
We stopped and talked to a cute lady who was selling chica morada! 
It was SO good and we have a return appointment.
But on every corner they sell this type of drink.
Gotta love Peru.
But it is funny because all the moto taxis stop and buy it to go.
Pretty good business haha.
Cotton candy with my pension! SO YUMMY!
 We felt like it was Christmas!
 Candy, more stationary, sticky notes, colored pencils, and WOW the hymn books, and more!
 My companion was on cloud nine and she can’t stop saying.
 Well, I miss two things. My cat and your mom. Haha that means a lot!
 Mom, thank you for the package!
We had fun at the zone conference!
 I love my zone and it is always a treat to learn more
 about how we can become better people and as missionaries in this time of our life.

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