Monday, August 31, 2015

Crazy and ready to travel!

Crazy fun week here in Abancay and we also got to visit Andayalas this week which is a 3 hour bus ride…. The worst in the mission. Well, I do have to say it compares to Quillabamba… so I have now conquered the two roughest routes in the mission. But Hermana Lozano and Hermana Harris! It was so great to work with them.

We also had interviews this week with President and I was so happy to talk with him this time! He always tells me how the companion I am with needs me… I told him… President in the beginning I always think… Oh yeah I know I can help them. But in the end they help me. I find that my attitude is everything and being humble as well. Haha!

The only thing I want to share this week is that while Hermana Arroyo and Hermana Salas were in Abancay to visit us I was able to go with Hermana Arroyo to a less active. We have tried 5 times to get into his house and HE FINALLY LET US IN! I have told him from the beginning that I am a very stubborn person and we would come until he did. Haha! No but it was great. He had lots of doubts and I was so frustrated in the lesson. But we finally came to the conclusion that he had not received an answer that the church was true. We were able to teach him again about how to receive it… But at the end of the lesson I left realizing his heart was still so closed off… But I had the thought. “with time and love he will come around”. I am learning patience and persistence. I love working with the less actives but it is a challenge sometimes.

Anyways we are leaving super soon to travel to Cusco so have a great week!

I love you all!

We had fun helping make bread! 
The bread here is incredibly good!
 I know I will miss it.
 But it was fun to see the oven and help in the process.
 We had interviews this week and this is all the Hermanas in our district and from Andayalas!

Thank you family for always writing on my mom’s crazy big posters! Love getting letters!

Hermana Lozano and I doing a million registros for a baptism
 they had and they had ruined like 10 of them…
 If you are a missionary you will know what I am talking about
 because it has to be done PERFECTLY. 
Us traveling! Let it all begin!
We helped a member with her baby shower
 decorating and making chocolates.
 Hermana Arroyo… Oh how I love her.
 It is fun to chat with her because we served together
 in the same district in Quilla for 6 months
 and now we are Hermana leaders together! What fun we have.
A less active Danicka had her birthday.
 Love the face in the cake tradition. HAHA!
 Definitely teaching my kids this one!
Me with my pension and her husband
 I could literally spend hours in their house talking with them. 
They are incredible examples to me. 
She is due in a month and I am so excited to see them start their family.

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