Monday, August 24, 2015

Quick and Random

This week was great and I am adjusting and getting used to my area, but I just know that when I do we will be traveling. Goodness me! But hey! The mission is a constant adventure and WOW! I just can’t believe I am Peru. I wake up every morning and think. What in the world… I am not in Utah. This is not anything like Utah. Haha! But I love it!

I decided I just need to get everything out so it will be a bunch of random points this week.

-The Book of Mormon. Can I just tell you all that I love this book? I read it EVERYDAY! I feel its power and know that the people I am teaching feel the spirit each time we are Reading. I finished it this week and asked the Lord to help me know that it is true. I already know it is but a reconfirmation is always appreciated. That day I had many experiences that I was able to preach with power and the Holy Ghost was there.

-Teaching Families is the best but most stressful thing in the whole world! Literally last night we had a FHE appointment and we went and oh BOY! It was like a counseling session I felt like. Fighting, arguing, and basically it was a time to get it all out for all of them. But I was able to testify to them that through the gospel we can have strong united families and luckily by the end of the lesson we knelt down in prayer. Their two teenagers and their parents…. Wow the spirit that immediately came.

-I finally get to wear a sweatshirt and wear slippers because it is a Little bit cold at night! Haha!

-We might have to move again and I about lost it! 5 times moving in my mission! UGH!!! No, maybe the Lord is teaching me something. Who knows.

-JACKSON I mean… ELDER FRAME HITS A YEAR THIS MONTH! Oh how I miss him and love to hear how well he is doing. Shout out to my amazing brother.

-Prayer is incredible. I love praying with my companion because even though we are super different and I thought I was not going to enjoy our time together surprisingly I make it through the day because I ask the lord to help.

-We were at our pensions Moms house this week and she told me that I need to get married to a Peruvian and move here because of how I just brighten everyone’s day. I told her… Okay! And I can have chocolate babies! She died laughing.

-I have had an Elder from Spanish Fork serve in my area since the beginning of my mission. Now Elder Jensen from my high school is serving here in Abancay… Small world… especially in the church.

-I wish I had a washing machine. I have washed my garments by had since the beginning of my misiĆ³n. Appreciate your washers and dryers!

-MY AREA IS HUGE! Compared to Quillabamba. I can’t even walk it in 2 hours. I always think of how Elder Frame…. Is driving to all of his appointments and I am here walking.. HAHA poor hermana frame…

-I have a craving for Little Cesars…. Really bad… And root beer. Haha! It can wait…


Well, need to go. I love this life as a missionary and taking in every second I get. There are moments I have during studies that I think. Oh, how I miss this, or this, or this, and then I sit there and slap myself in the face and say… WHAT A BLESSING. I truly love this work and I know it is where I am supposed to be.

I love you all.

Hermana Frame

This is how all of the women carry their babies. 
It is called a manta…. Super bright colors… and hey it Works!
I wanted a pretty picture and there was some kids flying a homemade kite
 and had no clue that my companion was snapping pictures.
 In the end they all love the cards that we hand out so we snapped another pic! Haha

We walk through a ditch every day and this is the moment I think…
 Haha my brother in his air conditioned car… Haha!

Coke in the combie!
 Loving the life here in Peru.
 Coke and riding in a car that can fit what feels like
 50 people in one car.

Brother Sorenson sent a book of Mormon!
 What a spiritual momento to give it to one of my investigators!
 Thank you!

This is cane. Like sugar cane. 
They cut it up and sell it to eat…

Salchipapas with my pension and the other hermanas! WE LOVED IT!

We went to Mirador…. 
It is where there is a big White cross and we can see the whole city of Abancay! 
Hermana Cooper, Hermana Hansen, my companion Hermana Tango and I! 
We loved it and had a great time with llamas and taking pics.

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