Monday, August 24, 2015

Onward, Ever Onward


I have been having a crazy weird week. None of my investigators think I know Spanish.  It ticks me off.  I've been a little quieter than usual here in this area and I haven't really seen the effects of it until now.  All my investigators and members are treating me like they did in my training area: like I don't know Spanish. It's really making me kinda mad. So yeah that's pretty unrighteous.  I'm making a point to talk more in appointments and with the members so they can understand I know and understand Spanish.  They all get kinda surprised when they find out I'm fluent. So yeah. My lucha with my investigators and members is real.

We had a super duper good meeting this week with President Clark, the Assistants and us three Southern Zones.  It was Zone Conference.  It was AWESOME!!  President Clark had us read a talk by Elder Holland named Cast Not Away Therefore Thy Confidence.  It was a great talk!  It talks about Satan and attacking us before and after spiritual experiences.  "It's not over 'till it's over" type of theme.  He gave a great training on how we need to continue FORWARD!  The Lord will fight for us!  The Israelites crossing the Red Sea is a major story in there also.  I encourage you all to read this!  I've been super inspired by his training. He's a really great man, President Clark.

I've also been studying a lot on the Atonement.  I've been reading a book called the Infinite Atonement by Tad R. Callister.  It. Is. Amazing.  I could sit and read it for hours if I had the time.  It's a definite must read.  I feel the spirit so strong testifying, teaching, thinking, or anything else about the Atonement.  It's the one doctrine that is ESSENTIAL.  It's the reason we are here. It's the reason for everything.  I love learning more about it all so much!

Here's some random thoughts I've had throughout the week.

- I love having a truck.
- I love speaking a different language.
- What in the world.  My little siblings started High School.
- I feel old.
- Being a missionary is so dang awesome.
- I like eating home cooked food.
- Tortillas are so unhealthy but so good.

Love you all.

Elder Frame

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