Monday, August 10, 2015

All At Once!

Well I am leaving Quillabamba! Oh it will be my home for sure here in the mission. Yesterday I completed 11 months so including the MTC and Quillabamba I am just rockin it here in the mission! But today I found out I will be going to ABANCAY!!!!! Ahhhh! I don’t know a ton about Abancay but I have heard it is great and the weather is great! I thought I would be serving in cold cold cold my whole mission but no! Abancay is not hot or cold and I think it’s not humid so we will see! But it is completely hills and mountains so I will be hiking like all day long! Ah we will see!

 My new companion will be Hermana Tango and I will be an Hermana Leader (sister leader). Wow! Lots of change! I am super excited and super nervous but I go to a training on Wednesday and from there I will be starting my new adventure…. Ah I am super excited!   We will see how it all goes this week!

Well, this last week was crazy and I am trying to realize that I am actually leaving Quilla! It doesn’t feel real but I am sure as I have to say goodbye today I will really feel it.

But wow on Saturday we had baptisms and I will not lie I stressed un monton! It means I stressed a LOT! Haha but no, it all went well! But Paula, Jacinta and Favian all were able to be baptized! It was such a great day and wow, as I watched them, and then helped them out of the font it just all hit me. All the small things lead to those greater things. I remembered all the spiritual moments, all the preparation, the time we were able to spend helping them understand really how special it is to be baptized. Oh wow! Seeing their faces after was priceless!

I really have been focusing on the basics because I know that if I don’t I cannot have the spirit. One day this week we had a lesson or something in the morning that didn’t allow us to study. During the day Hermana Bazo turned to me and said… Oh wow we cannot miss study sessions because we do NOT have the spirit. How true it was. I realized how much my desire to work was affected, how in the lessons I was not teaching as well and just all around I felt so all over the place. I guess the moral of the story is… Make time to have spiritual moments. Pray, read your scriptures, and allow the spirit to work in your life. Doing the basics, those small things each day create the big things. I want to share a quote that touched me this morning.

“These are not just steps that they experience once in their lives; rather, when repeated throughout life these principles become an increasingly rewarding pattern of living. In fact it is the only way of living that will bring peach of conscience and enable Heavenly Fathers children to return to live in His prescence.”

It is referring to the Big 5. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. The basics. I have a firm testimony that the basics is what gets us to our goal of living eternally with our families and more important to live in the presence of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. What a blessing it is to be here and love the people, serve them, and change not only their lives but most of all mine.

Well, until next week!

There was a humanitarian group that came and it was so fun to talk with all of them.
 I forgot about the U.S. these last few months having my Latina companion 
and being in a different culture so it was fun to talk in English for a little bit! 
But it was an amazing experience, there was 1000 people
 that were able to receive glasses and what a great opportunity 
to contact, and find all of the inactive members as they came to receive temporal help.
 Now the challenge of helping them realize that their spirituality, 
their salvation is a little more important than a pair of glasses.. Haha!
We had quite the time killing and enjoying the turkey that Jacinta had us catch, kill, 
and eat the night of their baptism. It was so funny though
 because when we sat down to eat the turkey the power went out. HAHAHA! 
Welcome to Peru. So we ate with a lantern. Oh the memories.

I will miss it all!
 The fruit, the days I get back to our apartment
 and fall asleep on the floor,
 the cake making, the members,

This was a picture we took a few weeks ago when Elder Uceda came!
 It is Zone Quillabamba! 

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