Monday, August 3, 2015

Going Strong!

Well, I am doing great! My tenth month here in Quilla! I am going strong! Not going to lie I walk up and down the streets and think… I wonder how many times I have walked this street… Or wow I have probably said hi to that person like 500 billion times! Haha my companion made fun of me because of all the people I know here… Oh man what will I do when I have to leave? Quilla has such a special place in my heart!

This week was a bit crazy but so great! 3 interviews on Saturday for investigators that will be baptized! Fabian, Jacinta, and Paula. They are all so excited and we are preparing for Saturday! A part of the preparation Jacinta told us she will be giving her “pavo macho” (male turkey) for the baptism. So “giving” her turkey means killing it and eating it…. Um…. My companion is NOT willing to help with it but one of the Hermana’s in our ward said that we will need to be there to help so once again I will be killing yet another animal to eat? AHHHHH! Haha! My fear of turkeys has now left as we will be killing it! Bahaha! Poor turkey…

I want to share part of my letter to President this week! Just an experience I had with Fabian…

Yesterday I had a really spiritual experience that I want to share though. It was one of those moments that I really realized the privilege it is to be here in the mission and SERVE. We are going to have the baptism of an older couple and we have been able to go to their house each Sunday at seven thirty to get them ready to go for 8 o clock church. Each Sunday I have been able to help Fabian, our abuelito, to put his shoes on. Their circumstance of living is so humble. The shoes I put on are worn out converse shoes that he probably has had for years. I have put them on each Sunday for the last month and a half but yesterday I went to put them on and the spirit just overcame me. The scripture that came to mind was... “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Matt. 25:40

I felt like I was actually there with the savior, doing what He would have done. It has been such an opportunity to serve here. This is just one experience of many that I have had as a missionary and what a great privilege. To wear this name tag, to be a representative of Christ right now in Peru, wow I am so grateful. I know that service is not just here on my mission. I love the way that service... that charity changes people. It has changed me. I know that loving others, which in turn is serving them brings me closer to Christ. I am reminded of the quote... “Preach the Gospel, and use words if needed.” It is true. As I put the shoes on Fabian, he felt my love, and in turn was the love of the savior. He felt like there was someone that cared, that wanted him to progress. Every lesson we have, Fabian just sits and listens and when we ask questions, even though he doesn’t understand everything he tells us how much he feels that it is right. He has been a blessing for me. I love the gospel, I love that the church has been restored so that I could be baptized and take the name of Christ upon me and serve in His name. What a blessing.

Just know that your actions are what counts. You can say you will do something but God looks at your actions. Prayers are answered through others. I know that. I know that God is real. I know that there is good in this world. There are genuine people that care. I have been able to rub shoulders with so many. I am so grateful. Whether you have been my companion, family member, friend, or just an acquaintance, I have been blessed to have each one of you.

Keep moving forward. Love and LIVE the gospel. It changes lives. I can testify of that. Well, until next week!

Hermana Frame

We had “dinner” at a member’s house.
 Here in Peru dinner is a piece of cheese, ecco-mormon coffee (haha), and bread.
 It is good but quite different from home. Haha!
 And yes, the bread we ate was huge. It is called cake bread… pan torta.
We passed a ferris wheel and had to take a pic
Hermana Bazo had a mosquito bite her and she freaked. 
She thought she would get dengue!
 Oh brother… She does not have it just so everyone knows but the bite swelled up pretty big!

 Painting! Every time missionaries move we have to paint… and quite the process!
 Painting in Peru makes me laugh. 
Buy a bucket of paint, put a lot of water in it and start painting. 
Oh, and make sure it can be the brightest color possible… Haha! We had fun!

Turkeys with Fabian and Jacinta!
 Haha me trying to get a picture with the turkeys!
 I think one of them turned out… Hahaha! 
Only if it knew it will be dying soon.
 I remind it daily as we walk up the hill and out the door…
Mili and Mery! They are probably two of my favorite people!
Mery helps us so much with the missionary work 
and Mili is there every two seconds correcting my Spanish- Little sassy thing! 
I will definitely miss them when I have to go.

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