Monday, September 28, 2015

Hey everybody.

I hit my companion with the truck.  Yeah.  My bad.  We have to back each other up as missionaries.  So my companion and I were being obedient and he was backing me up.  We were parked in between two nice cars so I didn't want to hit either of them either.  So I was backing up and I thought I had more space than I actually did and I backed the car up, only to see Elder Ayala frantically waving and whistling for me to stop and pull forward. Yeah.  I had pinned his left knee to the car behind us. I didn't think it was that bad, but then I got out of the truck and he was on the pavement and couldn't walk.  So yeah. I went all emergency mode and picked him up and we zoomed over to the hospital.  We probably looked pretty funny actually.  I was carrying him all the way into the emergency room because we couldn't find a parking spot that was very close. We waited for 3 hours. Luckily in the end after some x-rays the doctor told him nothing was broken and he just has some pretty bad swelling. He's been on crutches with a leg brace for a week now.  So yeah......  it also happened to be the night right before zone conference with a general authority.  Yeah we had to let President know thereby letting the general authority know that there's an idiot missionary that ran over his companion here in the California Fresno Mission.  So we went to zone conference the next day and everybody was like "What the heck happened to Elder Ayala!?"  Elder Arnold, the general authority threw in a couple of jokes in his trainings and then everybody found out.  Sister Clark, our mission president's wife also told me that she'd never let me live this down for the rest of my mission. I'll forever be known as the Elder who hit his companion with a truck going 3 miles an hour backwards.  Dang.

Anyways, on a brighter note here's some revelation I got from zone conference with the general authority and preparing for it. It's an excerpt from my letter to President Clark.

(Quick background info: The fourth missionary is a great talk talking about 4 types of missionaries. The first and second missionaries are bums and don't really want to be out on the mission and they aren't obedient. The third missionary is obedient but frustrated because he might not feel changed or he feels like he's just doing time on the mission. He's obedient and does much good but isn't changed by his experience.  The fourth missionary is honestly changed by the Atonement and his mission experience and also is obedient and does a lot of good.  The difference between the 3rd and 4th missionaries is that the 4th missionary is changed by his experience.)

 "I feel like I've spent a lot of time reading and thinking about the Fourth Missionary. I've felt like my whole mission that I've chased the fourth missionary. I've studied it, searched the scriptures and looked for ways that I was not like the fourth missionary and tried to fix them. I went to zone conference with the question and prayer of, "What can I do more to find that fourth missionary? I felt like I've studied, reviewed, prayed, soul-searched, etc. Please give me an answer on how I can be a better person and missionary." I received an answer and I want to share with you what I've found. Through small and gradual spiritual promptings and feelings God has told me this: Elder Frame, you've been willing to come out here on your mission and be obedient, and I've blessed with baptisms and miracles because of it. You just haven't given yourself to me. You, Elder Frame, only have one unique thing that you can give to me and that is you. Yourself. Let me write my commandments on your heart. Let me make you into something far greater than you could ever make yourself. I cannot mold what I do not have. Let me make you the miracle. So, I received that while reading and praying about Epistles of the Lord. Then I wondered how I could do that. How can I completely give myself to the Lord? I went with that question to zone conference which was the next day. With every training, every sentence, every feeling, every prompting, the answer to the question was love. Charity. The pure love of Christ. I give myself to the Lord by loving Him, loving His commandments, loving His children and loving my time I have, set apart as a missionary. I feel like I've tried to do that before but it never really worked out. I found the reason why. I never prayed for charity. Charity is a gift from God. I cannot develop it on my own. I've honestly searched for it in every prayer now. I honestly have loved everyone around me. I loved the homeless man enough to talk to him about the gospel. I loved some missionaries enough to correct them. I've loved Jesus Christ enough to obey with exactness. I can now honestly say that I am letting my mission change me. I feel the power of the Atonement working inside of me. I love it and I never want to go back. I feel like I'm RIGHT THERE. I'm on the thin line of the third and fourth missionary. I know of a surety that transfers are inspired. Elder Ayala has helped me SO much this last transfer and a half. I know that the Atonement changes people and I love my savior. I love my mission and I can honestly say that. I LOVE IT. Every second. I am so grateful for my companion. I'm grateful for Elder Arnold and his words that have helped me."

Love you all!

Elder Frame

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