Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Marilu and Brandon's baptism.  They had super good fellowshipping
so Elder Budding and I didn't even have to get our feet wet!
So, this week we finally baptized Marilu and Brandon!!  It was such an awesome experience!  I was the pianist. Ha!  It was super awesome!  I also got to be a witness!  Funny story too.  I filled the font too low so it was pretty hard for Marilu to go all the way under and so she had to be baptized twice.  Good thing Elder Budding and I were the witnesses cause then some other dude would have been like "Hey who's the idiots who didn't fill the font enough for her to go completely under!?"  Ha but yeah that was super spiritual! 

Michael Bartold from Spanish Fork Utah!  Craaaaaazzzzyyyyy!
So super crazy!  Transfers happened and guess who the new trainee is?!  Elder Michael Bartold from Spanish Fork Utah, who I went to high school with!  I couldn't believe it!  He apparently got reassigned from Argentina for his knee problems, then ended up getting assigned in our Branch too!  Crazy right!?  It's been super weird seeing somebody from home, but nice at the same time!  It'll be great to serve with an old friend!

Our Trees!  Thanks for the ornaments!
We put our two Christmas trees up this week!  Shoot, I'm so excited for Christmas!  My companion hasn't been too grateful for my Christmas music playing since November one!  Anyways, it was awesome to get the Christmas package and what not!

So the Renterias are all coming along great!  Elizabeth still is struggling with an actual baptismal date and we have no idea why.  She has a calling, pays tithing, lives every commandment, reads, prays, but won't get baptized!  AAAAAAAAA!!  She'll come along though!  Finding has been a lot better!  In the last week we've found 3 new investigators, so that's going to be awesome for our teaching pool!  

Thank you all so much for the prayers and thoughts and letters and whatnot!

Love yall!

Elder Frame
Good ol' Moroni

Me and Elder Budding after the temple today!  Cool short story too.  A man and his wife were going through for their first times for their marriage. Ha it was funny to watch and to remember my first time being weirded out and kinda out of it my first time I went through.

Fresno Temple.  Ha it's the same size as the stake center right across the parking lot

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