Monday, March 23, 2015

Discover Them, Discover You

Which shadow belongs to which Hermana?
Which one is my shadow!?
Well, this week I have had so many great missionary experiences as usual! Oh wow, the Lord is in this work and despite the fact that sometimes I don’t see it or don’t recognize it, he is.

It has been a week of trial after trial. Dropping investigators, losing people, low numbers, having diarrhea, being called fat (like 1000 times), and totally being made fun of because of my Spanish. HAHA! Wow, I am making a mission sound horrible! No, THERE ARE SO MANY GREAT THINGS! I am going to tell you about it now…

Well, one aspect of “missionary work”.  The Mormonad that says “Discover Them, Discover You” is AMAZING!

It is so true! When you seek out your ancestors, when you do their work, you are helping the work move forward. We were able to help an Hermana in our ward with her family history and also to start indexing. WOW! I felt the spirit the whole time we were doing it with her. They are waiting. I remember sitting in an EFY session this last summer as a counselor and they were having a Morningside about Family History and how important it is for the younger generation to do… Wow, helping this woman that had so much desire to learn how to even work the computer but to put in her family history was inspiring. She knows her family needs her to do the work here.

 Also, we were able to get the information of Abuelitas family and we are so excited to set up an account and do it for her. The whole time we were asking the dates of her father and mother, her parents and grandparents I could feel it. They need their work done and they depend on us to do it.
HAHA! Our abuelita…
We had a realization one of us
will be leaving her in 2 weeks.
 Sad day!
 But we are soaking in
 each moment we have with her
 It strengthened my testimony of temples and WHY we go. We go to be spiritually uplifted but we are allowing others who did not have the chance to have this gospel have it. There are so many prepared. I was reading a talk that Elder Bednar had in the Liahona and it was great what he said. Your life has been generations in the making. Find out where your story began. When you seek out stories, when you read what they did to further the work here on the earth you can feel it. I do. I know there have been studies done that when you do family history your self-esteem is higher, you want to live the gospel more fully, and you are happier in general. “A yearning for connection to our past can prepare an individual to receive the virtue of the word of God and fortify his or her faith. A heart turning to the fathers uniquely helps an individual withstand the influence of the adversary and strengthen conversion.” I know that if we understand the plan of happiness that Heavenly Father has for us we will want that for others. It draws us to search out and cherish our ancestors and family members, both now and in the present.

Missionary work is all about bringing others to Christ. I can testify of that. I can tell you that when you are striving to become a better disciple, you will be happier. I definitely am. When I am doing good, I definitely feel good. I am so grateful to be here. Keep the work moving forward. I feel the urgency. Be prepared and don’t procrastinate.

Have a great week!
Hermana Frame

Oh and the crazy story about the HUGE TOAD! We were walking home and we came across these kittens playing and by our surprise they were trying to play with this GIGANTIC toad. Haha! Of course I wanted to follow it and see where it went because it was on the sidewalk and it had to be from more in the jungle. It was quite funny and one of the native children freaked out and was freaking out with us! Haha! Definitely not normal to find a toad in the middle of the city… Loving my jungle life here in Quilla.

Piano lessons this week! We love Yanela!

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