Monday, March 9, 2015

Bowling in Hanford

Hey everybody!

California is great!  It's been HOT!  Summer is going to be KILLER!  I can't even handle how hot it's been and it's only march!  Sall right.  Instead of only my face being red, I'll have a super bad missionary sunburn to go along with it!

Works been slowing down.  Partly because we've been doing a bunch of service for members this past week and partly because nobodies been opening their doors!  Although it's been slowing down we've been able to get a decent amount of lessons in this week and we have a baptismal date with Fernando and Victor and Becca have decided to take the baptismal challenge and work towards getting dunked!!  So awesome to see people want to change and experience the joy and peace that comes from living the gospel!

BIG NEWS!  ELDER BALLARD IS COMING TO SPEAK TO OUR MISSION ON MARCH 21ST!  SO COOOOL!  He'll be coming and I'll be singing in the choir so hopefully I'll be close to front row or something!  That'd be sweet!  Maybe I'll be right behind him and I can touch him and be translated!  That'd be SWEEET!  Anyways, that'll be a really awesome experience!

Something I've noticed this week is that Christ has many names.  Emmanuel, The Good Shepherd, The Living Water, etc.  One that I've really focused on this week is The Light. In John 8:12, John 9:5, D&C 11:28, Alma 38:9 are a few that I found while studying in Preach My Gospel and I'm sure that there are a bunch more in there!  It really made sense to me studying about Christ and how he IS the light.  I realized that the light that I give to other people, that I'm sharing with other people, does not come from me.  It all comes from Jesus Christ and his Atonement and the hope and love that comes from them.  I realized that the closer I am to Jesus Christ and the more I utilize his Atonement, the more I can share this light with others around me.  We all should realize where our light comes from.  Is what your focusing on drawing you nearer to The Light or are you wandering farther and farther away from your only source of true light by what you do, say, hear, and think?  Food for thought.

Love you all and keep fighting the good fight!

Elder Frame
Teancum that Elder Vargus drew

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