Monday, March 9, 2015

Pay the Price

Are you willing to pay the price? Well, I am. 

This week I have understood yet more about being on my mission here in Peru. Missionary work is the best…. Period. Yes, it is just like life in the sense that you have ups and downs, hills and valleys. It is just like a heartbeat. You need the ups and downs on the monitor to say you are alive. I believe this whole heartedly.

 Well, this week as always was full of ups and downs but I AM ALIVE! Wahoo! But seriously to be a disciple of Christ is all that matters in this life. You need to have the good ups and downs. Well, this week I had a freak out. I told my companion about how


Oh man, it is so hard because this message is so amazing and so precious. Why don’t they just accept it and follow Christ. I want to share an excerpt from my study journal… I find that I am a really impatient person and I want the people to just understand how important it is to renew your baptismal covenant or to be baptized in the first place. Or to just come to church!!!!! To give up their lives and to follow Christ, to realize what He has done for them. 

Hermana Hoskins gave me an analogy. It is like those teachers you hate in high school or in college when they just understood it, and couldn’t understand how someone else wasn’t understanding on the first try. It is how I am currently with our investigators apparently. But then she helped me realize I had those teachers who understood perfectly themselves but took the time to help students figure out what was going on. They were willing to deal with my imperfections and tell me what to do little by little. To “figure out” what was going on.

 My investigators, menos activos, and conversos recientes need a guide who is patient, who loves them enough to understand that this life is NOT easy and to follow Christ is a PROCESS not a one time ordeal and that it is a life time process. I am still learning. I have been schooled and trained in my home and at church my WHOLE life to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. But it took many experiences, many late nights of staying up talking with my parents, youth conferences, EFY, relationships with friends and family, and many prayers to understand and to be where I am today. I know there are some people that understand it quickly, but in general they need guidance, PATIENCE, love and encouragement. They need to feel the spirit over and over again to realize that giving their life to Christ is really is the most important. It really is. 

I am so grateful to be working with the members here. And also the people that are searching for the gospel. Everyone has those deep soul questions. I am here as a disciple and I will pay the price. No matter how hard, no matter how impatient I am, I am working toward becoming a better disciple. Evaluate your lives. Get back on track if you have fallen off, work a little harder to be a little better. Read your scriptures each day, talk to someone who doesn’t have the gospel. Start taking the lessons. There is so much you can do on this mortal journey.

 Do your best. It is ALL WORTH IT.

Well, I need to go! Hope all is well!

Hermana Frame

Basically loving the mission…. Seriously I LOVE IT!

us with Wendy! I LOVE THIS PIC! She is crazy and oh the adventures we have with her.

Oh the meat pictures are of our stalker sides coming out as we watched the family take the full on cow out of the back of their van into the market. I try not to puke each time I eat meat now. Well, I just shut off my brain and realize its cooked.. I am good right? Anyways, enjoy!!!!

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