Monday, March 30, 2015


We were able to go to a waterfall that was beautiful!!! It is called
siete tinajas which translates to seven large earthen jars. So pretty!
We had a bunch of fun taking pics and trying to NOT jump in… Haha the
one rule that has been hard here in Quillabamba because we want to
swim every day because we are sweating our faces off! But, we didn’t
and we were content enjoying the greenery of the jungle. I sometimes I
forget where I really am… Haha! But yeah, the lady told us before that
we shouldn’t go up because it is a little dangerous but IF we did to
be careful. Of course Hermana Hoskins and I just decided to go up.
Adventure! YES PLEASE! But, as you see the ladder was really iffy and
ants were crawling all over it and you can’t see it but I got bit by
mosquitos the whole time going up and going down! Oh but it was fun
and gorgeous and such a fun opportunity!

This week we were also able to do an activity with the YW and we
taught them all how to do different kinds of braids. It was a blast!
They loved us! All the braiding while getting ready for my sports
games in high school paid off!

Also the Elders had a great baptism that we were able to help and
attend! It is always great to see someone enter the waters of baptism
and start a new journey, new life, new everything. The gospel changes
people, and in such an amazing way.

So, I have to start out with a funny story this week. I have been
crazy busy these last few weeks, sorry! But it was definitely a Madi
moment.. Or should I say Hermana Frame moment? Haha! We were walking
up to an appointment for our first appointment of the day and we ended
up walking by one of our members house and as we got closer we
recognized that our Zone Leaders were helping her paint the outside of
her house so of course I am not a loud OR outgoing person… Of course
not… Yeah, if you know me that is so not true. As we were passing I
started to say Buenos Dias Elders! And as I was saying this I did not
happen to see a hole right in front of me, totally twisted my ankle
and we both started laughing so hard. Awkward! Luckily I got up,
walked it off and laughed a little bit more as we walked to our
appointment as Hermana Hoskins tried not to hyperventilate because she
was laughing so hard! Fun fact about Peru is that there are holes all
over in the sidewalks. NOT COOL! Well, as for right now each time we
walk anywhere my eyes are glued to the ground!

Oh my food experience this week has been an adventure as well! I ate
chicken intestines, the heart, the stomach and everything else
in-between! I have just figured out that you never ask what you are
eating before you eat it. You ALWAYS ask after because then you don’t
want to freak out while eating it! Haha!

But this week has been great. I AM SO SO SO SO EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE!
It is seriously like Christmas for us here on the mission! I have been
able to teach a lot about prophets this week and wow the spirit has
been so strong! Our message is one that is unique because we know that
we have a living prophet today that holds the priesthood. I have been
able to understand more about the priesthood and how key it is in our
church. Without it we cannot do anything. We wouldn’t have had the
restoration because of it so ultimately I wouldn’t be here right now.
We couldn’t partake of the sacrament; we couldn’t receive revelation
through our prophet Thomas S. Monson. Okay, basically we can’t do
anything.  Haha, no but it is SO vital to have a prophet, a living
prophet today that has all the priesthood keys in order lead and guide
this church. In Preach My Gospel it says “The teachings of living
prophets provide an anchor of eternal truth in a world of shifting
values and help us avoid misery and sorrow…. But we can enjoy the
assurance of being in harmony with Gods will.” Wow, we are so blessed
to know that this is the ONLY true church. The ONLY church with the
authority and power of God. I love testifying that our church is the
ONLY church that has the authority to baptize. It sounds really blunt
but as I testify I can feel the spirit teach. Yesterday we had a
lesson with a new investigator and he had a daughter sitting in the
living room space while we were giving him the lesson and immediately
when I pulled out my picture of the prophets and the apostles and
started teaching about the priesthood and prophets she immediately
came over wanting to know more about the church. WOW! The church is
true okay?

Well, I had a great week and thank you to all who have wished me a
Happy Birthday! Not quite sure how I feel about being 21 yet! But, I
love looking back at all I have been able to experience in the last
year and WOW I feel so blessed and so grateful. But more for the
opportunity that I have to be here and spread this gospel.  Well, I
need to go! Have a great week!
Hermana Frame

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