Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ni Modo

Brianda and the Baptizers
So ya.  This past week and a half was AWESOME!  Brianda was baptized last Wednesday! It was by far the coolest baptism I've participated in/seen before!  Brianda has muscular dystrophy so she's been in a wheelchair her whole life.  She took a HUGE leap of faith by being baptized because that meant that she'd have to trust Elder Vargas and I in baptizing her!  Haha, so her baptism(the actual ordinance) went like this.  I picked her up and carried her down in the font. Elder Vargas and I made a kind of chair with her facing the audience and Elder Vargas and I facing each other. Elder Cruz(Elder Vargas' first trainer) said the prayer and then Elder Vargas and I lowered her into the water.  We had to go under too to make sure that she went all the way under because we were NOT doing it again!  Haha so it all worked out great!  Then just like every baptism that the Spanish Branch has, there was a smorgasbord afterwards for everybody to stuff their face and talk of holy things and such.  So that was definitely a highlight!
Zone at the TEMPLE

Then just this past week we had Zone Conference! I LOOOOOVE Zone Conferences!  They are always packed with spiritual atom bombs!  I'll share some of the love at the end of the letter.
Today we were able to go to the temple!  It was awesome!  The temple always helps me recharge and get ready to keep on fighting the good fight!  Despite the fact I forgot my temple recommend, everything went smoothly.  So yeah.  I gotta work on that weakness because I think I forgot my recommend every other I time I went to the temple back home too....

ZONE CONFERENCE!  What a great idea!  Put a super inspired mission president with bunch of missionaries that know nothing and combine him with the spirit and he trains the crud out of the missionaries!  President Clark is such a spiritual giant and so compassionate!  Here's my favorite highlight from his talks!
IWADWWADTWAGWWAG= If We Always Do What We've Always Done, We'll Always Get What We've Always Gotten.  Change equals growth.  We are in a new day and age of missionary work!  No more knocking doors!  We are using the members on a whole new level!  So buckle up members!  You are the missionaries now!  We are just the helpers and teachers so the members will become the missionaries and not just give us names but go out and teach without us having to take them!

I love you all!  Be a missionary!  Go share the gospel!  Change something you are doing to get a different and better result!  I love this work!  GO BAPTIZE YALL!

Elder Frame
EVERYBODY that helped Brianda to get baptized

Super Cool Japanese WWII Gun at Bro Thompsons

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