Monday, May 4, 2015

Happiness and some Chicha

So first of all I had a great week! But short time as usual to fit in all I want to say!
This last week I had such a funny experience, and yes of course it would be one of my “Madi moments”.

 My last companion Hermana Hoskins warned me probably in the first month of my mission that there is a drink here called Chicha that is a drink similar to Chicha-morada. I drink Chicha-morada probably at every meal;  but Chicha is totally different! Chicha is prepared and left out to ferment for a day or for a few days and they sell it on the side of the road in buckets. I have never encountered it and never thought I would.


 I die just thinking about it! Oh I struggle. But anyways Hermana Liza and I went to a menus activos house and at the end of the lesson we were walking out and she invited us to a drink. I looked at it and was like this is different than usual… but took a drink and then really knew it was not chichi-morada! My companion turned around from talking with her son and immediately asked the Hermana to put the drink in a bag to take with us because we had a “appointment” to be at right now. So as we were in the moto I realized. OH CRUD I JUST DRANK ALCOHOL. Hahahahaha! My companion was dying laughing and yes, I felt a little odd for the next 6 hours and my stomach hurt but no worries I was fine.

 After, I felt so bad. I have repented. But who can honestly say they drank an alcoholic beverage while they were on their mission. Well, in my case drank an alcoholic beverage EVER in my life! Yeah, I just put it in my past and the Lord knows I didn’t mean to!!! Haha!

Anyways, I want to share a few points that as I was studying this week that I really want to share. It is 10 rules for happiness from David O. McKay

1.         Develop yourself by self-discipline.
2.         Joy comes through creation-sorrow through destruction. Every living thing can grow; use the world wisely to realize soul growth.
3.         Do things that are hard to do.
4.         Entertain up building thoughts. What you think about when you do not have to think about shows what you really are.
5.         Do your best this hour, and you will do better the next.
6.         Be true to those who trust you.
7.         Pray for wisdom, courage, and a kind heart.
8.         Give heed to God{s messages through inspiration. If self-indulgence, jealousy, avarice, or worry have deadened your response, pray to the Lord to wipe out these impediments.
9.         True friends enrich life. If you would have a friend, be one.
10.       Faith is the foundation of all things- including happiness.

This has really helped me this week. Happiness is found in living the gospel but these are specific in HOW we find it each day. I want to testify that all of these are about change. Changing your self each day, each hour to become more like Christ. In the mission as I apply each of these points I find myself happier. And who doesn’t want happiness? Everyone deserves to be happy and in my mission I have encountered so much sadness. It sounds cheesy but seriously.

Well, enjoy the pics! I was able to make brownies with Mery-a member that I adore! She is always helping us as missionaries. The brownies were delicious by the way but all the Peruvians freak out because us Americans put so much sugar in everything! Haha our desserts definitely have a lot of sugar in them compared to here!

Also we went to 7 tinajas again for my companion! She loved it and it gets prettier each time I go! Haha!

Oh and I wanted one of the coconuts in the tree outside our building so of course I rounded up all the Hermanas-no elders were there to help so I found a way and WAHOO! I got to drink coconut milk. #GRATEFUL

Well, have a great week! Thank you for all your support!

Hermana Frame              

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