Monday, May 11, 2015

3 vital

 And of course the chocolate chip cookies. 
Of course they loved them...
 Sugar, sugar, sugar...
 We know how to do it in the USA!
Well, this week we had a great week but it was one of the most stressful! Crazy times including inviting everyone and their dog to the activity that we had. IT WAS AWESOME!   Probably because it was all centered around eating  tons of desserts. You probably won’t recognize a ton of them because they are Peruvian but I can say that it was great! We received lots of references from the members who came.

We decorated in literally the 30 minutes we had… Thanks to my Moms quick balloon birthday stringing balloons we did that and my comp did the letters as they walked in. It was a huge success! 
You can tell by the mess in our room that we had quite the week!

Oh and yes I did make brownies and chocolate chip cookies and they we all asking for the recipe after! Wow! Haha! 
I loved making cookies with members in our rama! 
She loved stirring, adding more flour, 
adding chocolate.... made me miss my two little brothers!
But I sat there that night just grateful for the opportunity I get to be here helping strengthen the ward, create friendships, and help others come to the gospel… even if it means to bribe them first with sweets! Haha no! but it was great!

I want to also say that ATTITTUDE IS EVERYTHING. This week was a little stressful and a lot has happened within our district and my poor companion was pushed to the limit with her fractured ankle (in which 6 shots I have given her to help with the pain), and having the zone leaders gone for the whole week with planning and inviting everyone was crazy but great! I just have a huge testimony of always having a good attitude. Whether I am contacting ornery people, to eating food that looks a little weird, to teaching a whole lesson by myself without notice……. IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE…. I can do hard things… And I can do it with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. My week was great because I chose each day to wake up and make it the best day of my life. Wow, I love my mission if you can’t tell… Haha!

Also, I want to say something regarding the title of my email…. 3 vitals.

Prayer, reading your Book of Mormon, and going to church. 

Three things that will change your life daily for the good. First, are you praying every day at least twice a day kneeling speaking with your father in heaven? Second, reading the Book of Mormon Daily. I can testify to this. And not only reading but applying it! It has become a habit for me over the last few years and there are miracles. There are answers to questions, comfort, and ways to improve your life on each page. Open it even if it 5 minutes a day. And the last one. GO TO CHURCH! And enjoy it. It is meant to be a time to refuel for the next week to come.  I love that my last companion taught me that we don’t have to endure to “the end”. We endure “to the next Sunday”. Through the sacrament we can continually remember our purpose here on earth, change our hearts as we repent, and come closer to Christ.

I love my mission! It isn’t old news… I say that every week! But family it WAS AWESOME TO SEE YOU! You all look great and please know that I love you with all my heart. Until next week!

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