Monday, May 25, 2015

Yes. I wrote something this week.

Shout out to Connor Brown. 
 He followed me to Cali but couldn't find me.  
I was sneaky and got a picture 
by his car without him noticing.  
(disclaimer: that was not Connor's car.  
It was an old mexican man's
 that yelled at us for taking 
a picture by his car.)
Hey everybody.

Yes.  I wrote something this week.  I'm sorry about last week. I know you were all anxiously sitting at all of your computers last Monday waiting in righteous anticipation of my letter. Ha.  Yeah, no, we went to the temple on Tuesday so they just made Tuesday our preparation day instead of Monday.  So my emailing was done on Tuesday instead of Monday.  So yeah, sorry bout that.

Anyways, THE LEONARDO GIRLS ARE GETTING BAPTIZED ON JUNE 7TH AND PRESIDENT CLARK IS GOING TO BE BAPTIZING SUSAN, ELDER AGAZZANI IS BAPTIZING GISELLE AND I'M BAPTIZING ASUSENA!  WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME COMING!  I LOVE THIS FAMILY SO MUCH!  IT'S GOING TO BE THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE!  Hermana Leonardo is the only one who isn't sure about being baptized on that day!  I have great faith that she will though because we are bringing President Clark to teach with us again this week!  WE ARE GOING TO DROP A SPIRITUAL BOMB ON HER AND SHE'S GOING TO WANT TO GET BAPTIZED THAT DAY BUT THEN WE'LL SAY "YOU SHOULD GET BAPTIZED ON JUNE 7TH WITH YOUR DAUGHTERS," THEN SHE'LL SAY "OK."  So yeah.  That's exactly how it's going to play out and it's going to be GREAT!  What a great work I have the chance to be a part of!  Then they'll all get sealed a year from now and then that will be the greatest day of my life thus far.  Yeah.  They're pretty much the greatest family I've ever been adopted into. (That is, assuming I wasn't adopted into my first one....)  So yeah that's my biggest news from this past week.

Other than that we did some cool service on Saturday at the Pioneer village here in Selma.  We cleaned a really old church, schoolhouse, and house.  The house reminded me of every scary movie I've ever seen.  It was really freaky cleaning it.  Every time I had to open a door I had my consecrated oil ready to splash whatever dead thing popped out to kill me.  I don't know if that would've done anything but it was extenuating circumstances so we made do with what we had....

So. Yeah.  Keep reading and praying and going to church. You can never ever ever ever ever ever go wrong in life if you continue to do those things and do them with a sincere desire to become converted to the gospel.  I testify of those three things.  I want to quote scripture to verify that my testimony is real and true: by small and simple things come about the big and super awesome stuff like conversion and eternal families and stuff.  (Doctrine and Covenants ## : ## -## ; some additions or changes in the scripture may have occurred.)  Yeah, I'll find that reference right after I finish emailing to be able to actually quote it next time, but you get the general idea.  Do the small things in life and the natural result will be a converted, solid, rooted in Christ YOU.

Anyways, I love you all and have a great week!!

Elder Frame

We got our hair cut by Asusena and Susan!  
They are still learning so elder agazzani got a huge part!
It was so funny!  
I got my hair cut second so it doesn't look too bad.  
I did a couple of mugshots so you can get the full effect!

Super Creepy house we cleaned for service on Saturday.  There was a bunch of creepy dolls and old stuff all over the place.  Basically every single scary movie house you've ever seen was all rolled into one in this house.

Elder Bean and I had to break into our apartment because we left the keys back at the church and we have to conserve miles on our car so we had to figure out how to break in to grab our phone we forgot that morning.
Elder Bean trying to look good while unlocking a window.
Almost in baybee!
Victory Pizza Bites.

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