Monday, May 11, 2015


Good-bye Elder Moreno and Elder Kane dinner.                                            Good-bye dinner mug shots

THE LEONARDO KIDS CAME TO ALL THREE HOURS OF CHURCH!  I know that might be elementary for most of you but for an investigator(s) that's a huge chunk of sit-around-and-do-nothing-day!  So they came to all three hours and they are now excited to go to mutual this Wednesday and to participate more!  What the AMAZINGLY AWESOME!  God is helping us out so much! As for their parents they stayed home to work on the house and whatnot.  Daggum.  President Clark offered to come teach Sabbath Day Observance with us either this week or the next so yeah.  He'll come and slap them all in face with the spirit and do some really cool teaching stuff and then they'll all come to church every week!  We've taught them Sabbath Day twice and they are only coming occasionally so we don't really know what we're doing wrong.  President will come and help us though!  YEAH! SO COOL!

Ha we are such a goober family.  We skyped at the Leonardos and they said our family was really "lively and loud."  Elder Agazzani then talked to his family and they were all calmly talking in Spanish and it just further confirmed to the Leonardos that my family was every bit as weird and loud and crazy as I was. Haha FRAME FAMILY FOR LIFE BABEE!

So anyways.  I'll just end with my testimony that what I'm doing out here is the most important work that can be done on this earth at any time.  I'm helping families be sealed into the eternities.  I'm not out here to only baptize.  That's just the gateway ordinance.  I'm out here because every ordinance, all the scriptures, every doctrine we teach, all of it points to the temple and eternal families.  I'm so grateful and humble that I'm being allowed to participate in this great work and it's been the greatest decision of my life to come out here.  Jesus is the Christ.  I'm so humbled to be his representative.  There is no other place in the world I would rather be right now than in Parlier California declaring and testifying of the greatest life the world has ever seen.  I know this work to be the work of God and it is changing eternal destinies.  My experience out here in the mission so far has been by far, the funnest, happiest, craziest, most stressful, life altering, emotional roller coaster I've ever ridden. And I'm enjoying in every single second of it.

Love yall.

Elder Frame
BAJA BLAST IS AMAZING! (with elder Kane)

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