Monday, May 18, 2015


Hahahhhahahhahahahahahaha NOT! But this week it was quite the funny story because I was right in the middle of a meeting and one of the sisters leans over and shows me her phone and says… LOOK ITS YOU! What? Haha there is a blogger that emailed and asked for a few pictures of my mission and I said, well you can use any from a blog my Mom is updating… HAHAHA and bam I am on his blog, LDS living, and MormonSUD. WOW! He sent me the blog website! It is of me and abuelita! Haha, anyways random fun fact about this week.

These are the websites with my photo!

I don’t have a ton of time but as of right now I am without a companion but will soon be getting one! I AM GOING TO TRAIN! I GET TO BE A MOM! In the mission we have a language that we call our trainers mom and dad, and they call us sons and daughters. Random but for instance Hermana Hoskins is my Mom! But now it is my turn! Wahoo! I will be training a Latina and that is all I know at this point! But it is crazy because I will have like 11 months in the same area! WAHOO almost a year in the same area! Training takes 2 transfers, so three months. Wahoo three more months! I enjoy Quilla and am actually really excited! Off to Cusco tomorrow to meet her, and next week you will be able to meet her. I am so excited!

This week for my spiritual tidbit…. Well, it is advice for life. But words are powerful. Always speak kind words. The song comes into my head that my mom would always sing to me… WE ALL SPEAK KIND WORDS TO EACH OTHER with the cute tune to go with it. But as I have been able to be with other Hermana’s and also with my companions I realize that it is vital. Never talk down on others. Be kind in every situation. We do not know what everyone is going through. Be understanding; be thoughtful, and full of charity. When others feel your love they trust you, they want to be around you. I absolutely despise words that cut deep, that degrade or belittle. Look inside yourself and ask if what you say, and the conversations you have you wouldn’t regret?

Words are powerful. Remember our savior. He always said the right thing, with love even if it was to correct, testify, or serve.

I love my work and thank you for all your prayers and support!

Hermana Frame
WE made lasagna this week and it was definitely Peruvian style! Now I know that everything doesn’t come in a can.... hence the blender to blend the tomatoes and onions and wow! The preparation was a lot different.

A few pics with members as Hermana Liza said bye!
 Oh the emotions leaving the members. Luckily it’s not my time! Yay!

The baptism the Hermanas had this weekend was AMAZING! To see a full family in white starting their journey was incredible. I loved every second of it! Funny tidbit is that the Mom is expecting twins next month and the elder baptizing her told me that I need to be ready if something crazy happens like she goes into labor. Oh, the comments I get because they know I am a nurse. It was beautiful night though and to see their commitment TOGETHER was amazing. It is what the gospel is about. Bringing families together, making covenants, and being together forever.

Hermana Liza and I the day she left! 
We got polo’s that day with all our names on them!
 Shout out to uncle JJ for the BRONCOS!

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