Monday, May 4, 2015


Last leadership meeting for our zone before transfers!
TRANSFERS THIS WEEK! I'm staying so yeah, it's not that big of a deal. It's weird though because the next time we have transfers we will be the transfer that decides if you are going to the Modesto mission or if you are going to stay here in the California Fresno mission.  I don't really care which one I go to as long as I can come back for baptisms of people I taught down here in the CFM.  One part of the gearing up for the split was that 3 assistants were called.  One will go to the Modesto mission and the other two will stay.  It's also funny that the 2 new assistants that were called were both my zone leaders. Ha!  So that's pretty cool I guess.

Still working with investigators in all different phases of the path that leads to baptism. Nobody wants to come to church so that's something we're working on currently.  Other than that we have a bunch of people reading the Book of Mormon, praying, attending mutual, and that WANT to be baptized but aren't doing the actions necessary to BE baptized.

I actually related that to our lives.  We may WANT to go to the Celestial Kingdom, we might WANT to become a better person, we may WANT to stay active in the church.  We can have all the correct desires and still be sinning up a storm and going nowhere!  Faith without works is dead.  You gotta DO.  The desires are good but they are not enough.  You can wish for a better car but it's not until you go DO the necessary things like earn the money and go buy the car that you are going to actually fulfill that desire.  So let's DO.  Don't lose those good desires but don't just sit there and wait to be acted upon.  ACT.  God gave us agency and a body to DO things.  Anyways.  I'll step down from my soap box now.

Love you all!

Elder Frame

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