Monday, September 14, 2015

Living Water

Beautiful Cusco
Well, it’s September and it’s been a year. I am so used to saying I have a Little less than a year and now I HAVE TO SAY I have a Little more than a year. UGH!!!!! No, I cannot complain. I have had one incredible year. This week was great though! More traveling and getting to know more sisters! What a privilege it is! But I was dead at the end! Haha and I am rip roaring ready to work in my sector.

To start off, this morning I had an amazing study session and I will be sharing it… Read it. Just know that I love this gospel. I love that it makes me happy. It helps me realize really what is important to me.

I have always loved the Mormon ads… but I just wonder how do they keep getting more creative? This months in the new era-liahona as well really got to me. It made me ponder n my own life, on those I am teaching, and those that I have at home (family and Friends). I have seen a HUGE difference between those who “seek” and then those who don’t. It is just as the picture depicts. We are paddling a boat on the sand. It actually makes me laugh because look how close he is to the ocean… How much easier the journey it would be… I don’t know what keeps him from entering but one can guess pride. I can see how many times this was me. Whether it was in high school when I made the excuse of “I was too busy” or when I was in nursing school trying to carry the load of studies myself, or even here in the mission when I try to do the work myself without Him… It is super hard. I can testify that when we “seek”- we will find. Seeking means searching to know… I have figured out as I have said in my last emails that the basics are everything. Pray, study your scriptures, and go to church. Seeking him through these things will help us realize that we are lifted, strengthened, and enlightened. We can find rest from our burdens and worries. We can be full of light and joy. We can have hope no matter our circumstances. This morning I read the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. It has been a while since I have studied but wow! How incredible. It refers to Christ being the “living water”. HE as the woman to draw water and she was confused because there was nothing to draw it from the well and also for him, a Jew to be asking a Samaritan was rather odd. As he spoke to her these words she understood why. “Whosoever drinketh this water shall thirst again; but whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst, but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of everlasting life.” She then realized he was someone important… in the scriptures she said prophet. He helped her understand the savior lives. And at this moment he said. I am He. I am the messiah that you speak of. HOW INCREDIBLE. Her whole Outlook on life probably changed. She realized HE was Christ. Not only a prophet but CHRIST. What did she do after? Went to the city to share her experience and not only that but brought people to come and listen and meet Him. 

As I put myself in this situation I have learned so much. I know Christ lives. I know He is my Savior. And what a blessing it is to be sharing it just as she did after she had come to the knowledge that He is the “living water”.

Don’t search through the material things. Don’t be too caught up in the miniscule things that have no significance. Don’t paddle in the the sand when you can be paddling in the water. Your life will be 100x easier and more fulfilling. Seek the living water. Seek HIM. He will give you rest. He will give you the hope you need to keep going.

Wow that was a lot! But I had to share. I love the things that I learn from studies. It is the time where I come to know and follow HIM.

Well, hope you all have a grand week and until the next Monday!

Hermana Frame


Last Monday we went up to Mirador again
 and played ultimate Frisbee and American football (thanks to Elder Jensen) Haha!
 And of course he brought his rope from home and the Elders were doing jump rope with it.
 Good ole Spanish fork!

A family we are teaching and the girls wanted pics with our nametags… Haha they LOVED it!
I hit a year and we went out to eat the night before we traveled! YUM!
 I had to get some churros too! 
Sorry all the pics are so bad. Better look at the settings on the camera.
Hermana Corsetti and I bought some cake to celebrate as well!
Don’t ask me about all the animals.
 Haha every house we went into seemed like there was a dog
 or a cat or kittens on my lap. Crazy! Haha! 

I got to see Hermana Hoskins! She leaves in a week! AHHHHHH! 
She said she is excited and ready so we will see how it goes. 
She is serving in Cusco so it was a treat to meet up with her.

All the Hermana’s we visited! It is fun getting to know all of them and also to get to know Cusco!

I also was able to serve in Ollantaytambo… Where there are so many ruins
 from the Incan times and it is where the train takes you up to maccu piccu! Whoa! 
The original Stone streets and a million greengos!
 I am so used to be the only North American for all to see haha!

We got back and I WAS POOPED! 
My comp thought it would be funny to take pics after our trip.

We had a baby shower and it went well! 
Trying not to be baby hungry while in the mission.
 It is hard when half the Ward is pregnant. Okay only three Hermana’s.
 But I live in the house of one, pension with one and wow! 
Haha it will be baby city in just a bit!

There is a family that will be going to the Lima temple
 at the end of October and they are SO excited, especially the sons.
 Wow, they will be traveling 20 hours to go to Lima
 and wow just the sacrifice but wow they are such examples to me
 and teaching them last night I really felt how important the temple is once again. 
GO! Go to the temple. I love and miss it.

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