Monday, September 7, 2015

This crazy week of mine

Do you think I look the same on a mission?  Nah!!!!
Well, this week went great! I don’t think I have had a crazier week! Well, I think I have said that before. Haha! But seriously! We started Monday by traveling and we were in Cusco until Friday and then literally when we got back we hurried and packed and moved…. FOR THE 100th time in my mission. Okay only like the 4th or 5th. Can’t remember it’s been demasiado veces…. Too many times. Haha! But we are in the new house and I love it! We will see if I have bad luck again and we have to move.  But yeah, so it was a bit crazy but we were able to do a lot of work in Cusco and it was fun to be there and see the difference in the work.

I am doing great and loving the work as usual! I can’t lie… It has been rough this last week adjusting and also still getting to know my sector… this is not my forte. I cannot memorize directions very well and the houses, and on top of it we are traveling… BUT I am staying positive… and when it gets crazy I just start to pray… It always helps me. I have a strong testimony that no matter what our Heavenly Father is listening. What a huge blessing.

But anyways, this week President incorporated a new approach to how we will teach the less actives. I remember coming into the mission and seeing in our area book how many less actives there are. It was full of those who are not attending church…. Not only that… But have been lost. My heart broke literally. I was like… How can I baptize if there is so much work to do with those that are already baptized and not coming to church. It has been a challenge for me. But the new approach is that we are going to go into the first lesson with them and start by asking them about the missionaries that baptized them and what they remembered about them. Also to ask if they have pictures of their baptism. I was able to go with Hermana Guajardo this week for divisions and we were able to teach a less active sister who was baptized at 11 years old and now has 2 of her own kids and did not get married to a member. It was an amazing lesson. We started out by asking her about her baptism and it was a Little hard because she was so Young but was we started digging deeper we found out that the moment that one of the elders explained the restoration and sang the hymn Joseph Smiths First Prayer she felt the spirit and told us how beautiful this momento was for her. It was so cool to see how it worked. We were able to help her remember how special the gospel is to her and not only that but for her family. With more work, and lots of patients I know that something will come of it. It was so great to see this Little miracle. In the end of the lesson we sang the song again and I felt the spirit testify once again. The Lord knows. He knows everything. What a special moment it was for all of us.

Well, I need to go. This week just know that Hermana Frame is in love with her mission and all the ups and downs it what makes it so great. I am not being sarcastic. So many ask why I am always so happy, or always have a smile, or why I have so much animo (excitement) for the work. It is because I know that it brings true happiness. Really. If that is a reason to live the gospel than it is work it to me. It is through the savior we find this happiness. I know He lives and I know that my calling right now is so important. I am doing the work of the Lord and I strive each day to do His will. 

Hermana Frame


We had a great time at concilio!
 I straitened my hair for the first time in the mission!
 WOW it is a lot longer than I thought....
 But I am scared to death to get it cut so we will see what happens.

But it was so fun to see all the sisters
 and oh boy the elders and their selfies. HAHA!
 But what a blessing to be a part of such a great work.

I found a cordero! A baby lamb and had to take a pic!
 Gotta love the peruvian life.
 Just walking along and there is a random sheep in the middle of the road. Haha!
 Loving abancay!

Hermana White and I! It was so fun to see her! 
She is in my group from the CCM meaning we have the same time.
Crazy! And her sector is legit! She has the plaza de armas and all this crazy old historic spaniard made homes.
 In the pics you can see it! It is crazy! So cool to visit...

We went to mcdonalds again and i got my ice cream cone.
 SUCH A BLESSING! Haha lovin it.
 But no it is not like the states. Whew, gotta wait,... AH!
 I hit a year this week. WHAT HAPPPENED TO THE TIME. 
Wow, crazy to think about.

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