Monday, September 28, 2015

A crazy day... and week!

Well, I am sitting here with probably the worst sunburn in the world and about ready to leave for district meeting but I want to write a bit to inform everyone that I LOVE ABANCAY! We have been able to see so many miracles. I remember reading this in every missionary email that I received before, but it is true. I know the Lord is in this work and he loves his children.

This week I was able to pray a lot. Lots for my companion, my investigators and for the members. I find that when I pray unselfishly there is so much more meaning and just all around more miracles. The Lord wants to bless each one of His children and I know it is through increasing our faith through prayer and then getting on our feet to work.

This week I have been praying for a new investigator named Analy. She has many questions and is not approaching learning with faith. I prayed she would and just as I have been she came to the General Women’s Conference and every one of the talks talked about what she was struggling with. Wow! What a blessing. The next day in church she was a mess! So emotional and I can’t help but chuckle because I know it is the spirit and it is all just hitting her at once but we are super happy and so blessed to work with her.

We have passed by a menus activos house like 4 times this last week and finally we had the grand idea to put a note on the door to let him know we were passing by and guess what! He called! WHAT! Haha we were surprised but he came to church AND brought his friend that we will begin to teach. Such blessings.

And wow I had a day----- where let’s just say that I needed a hug and that morning I read the scripture where it says…. Comfort those that are in need of comfort. I didn’t think that sometimes that means let others comfort you as well. Sometimes let others help you. Get rid of your pride and just let them be there as if the Savior was there helping you through a tough time you are having. What a blessing to be a part of a church that teaches us to serve. Love people. It will always come back to you and you will be so much more blessed because of it.

I am probably at a point in my mission that I just can’t imagine life different. I LOVE the work. Every day I end up telling myself… Wow how blessed I am to have the gospel and not only that but to share it. Share the love that comes from our Heavenly Father. That is what it is all about. Go and serve. Share what you know changes lives.

Well, I need to go but before… A few things that happened this week.

-stepped in dog crap 3 times because I was too busy telling my companion or members stories while I was walking.

-Locked ourselves out of the apartment because I gave the keys to a baby to play with and forgot them. Good job Hermana Frame

-When I teach English… Let’s just say it is like “correct Hermana Frame” day… Haha! Lovin the Spanish.

-I invited everyone to the General Women’s meeting for 6 pm when it was at 7 pm. Let’s just say our pension wanted to hit me… Haha!

-I sang the national anthem to our pension and her husband and then tried to repeat the pledge of allegiance and forgot for like 5 minutes and almost cried. But don’t worry… I did it!

-I listened to David Archuleta Christmas and cried because I am so excited for Christmas

Anyways. If you could all just see me here in Peru I think you would laugh. But I LOVE IT! I love it all. The work, the missionaries, the people, my companion, and all the adventures we have.

Have a great week!
Hermana Frame


Let’s just say that today I should have brought sunscreen.
 I am a nurse. Come on. HAHA! 
But my pension put this yellow medicine on it so we will see what happens!

Living it up in Peru!

But the place we went to is called Quisapata and it is crazy pretty!
 It was at the very tip top of the mountain
 and we had fun eating mandarins and crackers at the top
 and burning ourselves on the way down.

This is a few of us at the general women’s meeting.
 My pension still hasn’t had her baby!  
We are so hoping for this week!
 Hermana Analy at the conference.
 She is so amazing and I am having such a great time getting to know her
 and to help her recognize that the gospel is the
 best thing she could learn in this life.

Last Monday we had a great time watching Meet the Mormons. Haha
 I have watched it now in English and Spanish.
 Lucky to say it was enjoyable in both languages!

One of the girls in our ward loves her hamster and we had to take pictures. Haha!

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