Monday, September 21, 2015

Decisiones Determina Destino

Well, for the title… It’s in Spanish and it means what it looks like. Decision determine destiny. I have been able to share a lot about this subject this week and want to share a Little bit about it with those at home. Agency in this life, or the ability to choose, is a gift. We forget that sometimes. NO ONE controls us.  As a child of God you have the ability to use this gift. And it will determine your happiness or misery in this life. Not only that but it affects us in the life to come. In many lessons that we teach, and just in general in the mission I see how others use their agency… at times I just want to shout off the mountain tops with joy because they are doing so well… and then the complete opposite…. Is when they use it in a way that leads down a path that is not so great.  And yes it does break my heart. I think the only times in my life when it was a valid reason to cry it was because I was crying because I could see the consequences that would come to them now and then most of all later.

But this is something I have learned, and growing up especially in my teenage years to now I learned how MY agency, MY choices is incredibly important. I have also learned that I cannot control others and how they use their agency. In True to the Faith it states…. You are responsible for the decisions YOU make. You should not blame your circumstances, your family, and your Friends if YOU chose to disobey Gods commandments. You are a child of God with great strength. You have the ability to choose righteousness and happiness regardless of your circumstances… choose to do many good things in your own free will.

There are many stories, many lessons I have learned from this subject. Just know that not only your life is affected by the decision you make, but others are too. The Savior helps with both of these situations. I felt the spirit so strong last night when we were teaching a family about forgiveness. All of us have been affected by others whether it is good or bad. But especially in those times that it is hard to understand why someone would treat you the way they do, or have done something that hurts remember the Savior. He went through this His whole life. He can relieve this hatred and bitterness. Do not wallow in misery. Let Him take this from you. Thank those who have chosen the gospel and affected you for good. There is good in this world. I KNOW that. That is why I am here.

Well, after that just know I am so grateful to be here in the mission. WHAT A BLESSING! I say it every week. But I am so grateful for my decision and those who have supported me and helped me get here.

This week we had a baptism! WAHOO! It was probably the most organized baptism… probably because everyone that we asked to be there came and did their part! I had only a Little bit of stress… haha no. It was incredible! It is a single mom named Shanaly and she has been able to be taught by many missionaries, and we happened to be the ones that could be a part of the baptism. It was a beautiful day, with many spiritual experiences and wow just helping others with their decision to follow Christ, use their agency to change their lives for the better is indescribable. What an opportunity to be a part of the work.

Well, I have to go! Have a great week!
Hermana Frame


I was able to go with Hermana Cooper this week on divisions! 
She is the bomb! 
We taught one of her investigators in Quechua....
 okay a member did but it was fun to remember all my times with my abuelitos in Quillabamba.

One day I just wanted to go to the cemetery so on the way to one of our visits! 
Don’t know what I was thinking? Haha but enjoy the random pics and it had a great view so yeah!
 But they have a lot of building that just hold the caskets instead of burying them. Who knows.

This is an alfajor… They are incredibly good.
 It has a carmely cream called manjar in the middle 
of what are almost like sugar cookies.

This is a pic of a typical home with the outhouse here in Abancay. Well, in Peru.
 I walked away thanking my heavenly father for all that I have.
 It has really been humbling being here and experiencing 
not having a lot material wise. Well, just seeing it.
 But it has taught me a lot.

Our zone! Changes were today and I am staying with my companion Hermana Tango! Wahoo!
 One more transfer here we come… The down side. 
She will be ending but she is not trunky at all! #BLESSING

These two girls I met in a combie and the first thing they said was.....
 Wow, Green eyes.
 HAHA! They all say it and it was fun to talk to them.
 They all are so surprised when I start talking in Spanish.
 Oh what it’s like to be a foreigner.

The baptism pics! It was such a great day!
 And then we took pictures when she was confirmed the day after.
It was Hermana Cooper’s birthday on Saturday and we took advantage. 
 Eggs and flour in the hair and some great cake to end the day!

Hermana Katy my pension should be giving birth as I write this. 
Well probably not… Haha! But really soon! Like tomorrow hopefully.
 She is so ready! We had to take a before picture
 and hopefully next week there will be an update with a baby… WAHOO!

Planning in the mission is the best! 
We got super crazy and planned super well… we had been traveling
 and oh how good I feel when we have time to stop and plan. 

And the random pic of me doing a statue of something.
 I lost a game in a Family Home Evening 
and they thought I was so funny doing statues of what they asked.
 Don’t ask. They all just laugh at me... Haha so normal

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