Monday, September 14, 2015


Hey everybody!

It's been great out here in the mission!!!  I'm loving it so much!  First before I forget to write it, GABI GOT BAPTIZED! She was super solid the whole time and she decided to get baptized and Elder Ayala performed the ordinance.  Her husband was there and he really thinks he'll be baptized super soon! He said that!  He's really pentecostal so he's been pretty stubborn with accepting it.  He felt something at her baptism though and we'll be teaching him and Gabi tomorrow with President Clark. It's gonna be great!

Anyways, since I was bad with using my time wisely this emailing time I'm on a super limited time. I do really want to share some of my letter to President Clark.  It's part of my studies this week.  Here it is:

"So I've been studying the atonement this week because I gave a talk on it in sacrament meeting and I want to share a quote, paraphrased because I don't have it on me, but it's from C.S. Lewis. It says, in my own words that Jesus Christ is the only person who knows how it is to truly be tempted by Satan because you don't find out the power of temptation by giving in. You don't find out the power of the German army by giving in, it's by fighting it. You don't find out the power of the wind by laying down but by walking against it. So it is with temptation. The man who gives in to temptation at minute five simply doesn't know what it would have been like an hour later. Jesus Christ is the only person who truly knows the full power of temptation because he never once gave in- the only true realist. It went something to that effect. It made me think about ways I am tempted. Tempted to think we as a mission are taking on too much, temptation to maybe take a break, temptation to break one small rule. It made me think. How strong am I? Not strong enough was my answer. So, because Jesus Christ is the only person who knows how strong the temptations are and overcame every single one of them, he knows exactly how to help me and us, to take away all doubt, to give us strength to achieve the goal of 1000 baptisms."

It really was a super awesome study for me that day. I loved it!  I'm striving to make them like that every day! I really felt like the whole study period was from the Spirit.  What I should study, what I should focus on, how it applies, and all that jazz. My studies have been a whole ton better!  Take a look at your studies too.  How are they?  Do you learn something new from the spirit every time?  Do you feel spiritually edified every time you give time to the scriptures or are you just reading them because you "have to?"

Love you all!  And thank you for all your support!

Elder Frame

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