Monday, January 4, 2016

2016. A Year for His Work!

Hey Everybody!

It's Elder Frame and it's a new year!  That's what I'm talking about!  It's going to be a year to remember!

I'm sorry to report that we had no exciting stories from the new year’s.  We had a rule that we had to go back to the apartment at 8:00 and study extra.  It was good.  I'm reading a book called Following Christ.  It's a follow up book to Believing Christ by Stephen E. Robinson.  It is so good.  I realize that there are a lot things that I didn't realize might be a stumbling block to enduring to the end for us as humans.  He also gave me a huge insight into how the Fall of Adam and Eve affects us in our daily lives! It's super cool and a super good read!  I love it!

Oh yeah! Here’s a super cool experience we had with a guy named Joe! Joe was a member referral from a sister in one of the wards here in Visalia. She met Joe getting him on board for her business venture and he expressed interest in her church. He said that she's the first Mormon he's met and as he's "gotten himself into a business venture with a Mormon," he'd better find out what they do. He wanted a Book of Mormon which we gladly gave to him and set an appointment with him. During that second appointment he told us another man they were talking to in Texas with a really successful business in crops ended up being a branch President for our church too. He told us he's looking for God in all of that and he finds it funny that right when he started looking for God, this business venture popped up and he started having a lot of random run ins with Mormons. It's just a testimony to me that God really is hastening his work and we can be a part of it as we strive to be the prepared servants that the Lord can send to meet those prepared people.

Anyways, it's been another week of supremely awesome missionary work.  I love it so much.  I know that this is the Lord's work and it's been a huge privilege to be a part of it for the past year and a half.  I know that God is in the details of our lives.  He leaves little breadcrumbs pointing us back to him everywhere.  We just need to be in tune enough to see them.  Keep doing the small things and you'll start seeing them in every aspect of your life.

I love you all!  You all are such unique examples to me and I really appreciate that!  Keep the faith!

Elder Frame

1: Good ol' Elder Salomon leaving!  He's from Mexico City!  Great missionary and friend!

2:  The rest are just stuff we did in the Sequoia National park.  It was sweet!  There was snow


other fun!

there are 6 of us in there!

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