Monday, January 25, 2016


In the mission there are terms that we use and when we say someone is ending their mission it means they are dying…. Well you can guess our transfer from the title! HOW CRAZY! Hermana Campoverde and I stay together for our LAST change…. WOWOWOWOWOW! I am still freaking out! We are SO happy, but it is going to be an adventure of six weeks! But we are doing so well!

I don’t have a ton of time this week but a great experience that we had last night. We are teaching Mabel who is an investigator and her husband is less active. BUT he didn’t want anything to do with us for the whole transfer until LAST NIGHT!!! WAHOO!!!! We are so excited though. Out of a miracle he accepted a visit from us with his wife. I just want to say that it is because of the prayers that have been given. As a district we pray for the investigators, less actives, and those that we are focusing on in each companionship every night. We pray for them individually with their needs, and it has brought miracles… Just like last night. I know God listens to us. He loves each of  his children, and listens. He answers in HIS time. We all know that. But I know He is in this work. It is His work.

Well, this week has brought a lot of crazy normal missionary experiences. I have to go! And just so you know. I LOVE PUNO.

Hermana Frame

We did splits, and I was with Hermana Miceli! SHE IS INCREDIBLE. We had an awesome day together… but one crazy experience we had was that the first councilor in our ward owns a store below our house and we went to buy something and he just told us… Mario died. I was like… What? I thought I heard right… But yeah, we had been visiting a less active with his wife and we actually had an appointment that day  to meet with them but he told us that he had a heart attack and died the day before. I just went into shock. It was hard to swallow. But we went to his funeral and it was so good… So comforting to have the gospel and to know it is not the end.

Some beautiful pics of….. the lake Titikaka! We stopped by super fast last Monday to snap some pics! It is so pretty!

We eat this plate when our pension doesn’t want to cook. It is a normal Peruvian dish… Rice, a fried egg, fried banana and hotdogs. I actually like it… if you wanted to know. 

But also this week Hermana Tirrell was with us and our pension served a soup with fish… Like whole fish. She was not too fond of it. I didn’t have a problem, so grateful I literally can eat anything. Good thing I came to a 3rd world country.

We are teaching an older couple that is from Arequipa! They are so cute! We had to snap a few pics this week as we visited them.

Samuel… Him and his white hat. He loves it! But he is a convert that we visit frequently. He is so funny and we enjoy being with him…

My companion had her teeth worked on. She almost had a root canal… WHEW! But we were there for a good hour and a half!

Random wedding we went to for like 10 minutes. It is a couple my companion taught in another sector here in Puno. Fun to see the different traditions.

Typical Peruvian house here in Puno…

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