Monday, January 18, 2016


This week was such a good week for me. I feel like I say that every week but in particular I have had the time of my life… not because everything went right but because I learned so many good things.

As you all know we went to Macchu Picchu and it has been such a highlight and my companion and I cannot get over how awesome it was. It was a long day though! But it was a chance in a lifetime.

The next day we had concilio and it was SO good. President had a few announcements that everyone was practically jumping up and down with excitement…


 I freaked out when he told all of us! We are all so excited and it is such a privilege.  But my stomach dropped when President asked me in front of the whole council to prepare a musical number for when he comes. Wow, we will see what comes of it but wow! Such a privilege. I can say that I have never played the piano in front of an apostle before…. Whew what an adventure.

But president also announced that we will all have the privilege to have cell phones! It is not too new for me as I have had one for a bit now, but we are so excited to all be able to communicate and in the work as well.

This week I have learned so much about the atonement and how we use it to recognize our wrongs, correct what is right, forgive others, and forget when we have repented. I teach so much about repentance every day in my mission but to be able to have applied it in a serious way really helped me understand what our investigators go through, and what we all need to go through to be clean. My companion and I had a few rough days at the beginning of the week. It doesn’t matter what happened or who, or what. The most important is that we both needed to talk, forgive, and forget. I never have felt so bad about doing something, and it weighed on me so much… But the moment that I turned it over, asked for repentance, and moved forward I felt such peace. And I will never forget what it felt like to be forgiven by my companion. She understands the Atonement. She understands how to love others. She is probably one of the most incredible missionaries I have met. We have such a strong relationship and I know it is because we have applied the Atonement. I will miss her SO MUCH when we part it is in indescribable. The gift of the Atonement cures, strengthens, and motivates us to become someone we never thought we could be. I know that when we apply the Atonement we can get rid of all the mistakes we have made, have a new start, and really find the peace and happiness that we need in this life.

I am not a perfect person. I want everyone to know that. I did not do anything horrible. Haha, as I read the last paragraph it really sounds crazy bad. But just know that in every aspect of our life we need to understand and apply the Atonement. I am so grateful for the forgiveness that not only my companion has for me but the Lord. He forgives us of all that we have done wrong, as long as we look to the Savior, and truly with a broken heart change to become the person He wants us to be. I invite each one of you, no matter what has happened, who you have been, or who you are… to apply the atonement TODAY. Stop doing things that impede you of having the spirit, forgive someone, ask for forgiveness, strive to become better… I promise that you will see miracles.

I love this gospel. It is everything we need to live happy lives and to be clean. It not only helps us spiritually, but physically, emotionally, mentally, and economically. I love it with all of my heart.

Until next week!

Hermana Frame

These are a few pics of Sicuani! We did exchanges with the sisters there… it is so beautiful with all the mountains and greenery.

We went to eat in a polleria and I literally was as tall as the ceiling! WHAT! Haha I always feel like a giant here in Peru!

Us in Puno in the freezing cold rain, but loving every bit of it!

Haha I was laughing so hard with the chickens just hanging out on the edge of the building.

 Us having fun taking pics in our sector here in Puno…

Sorry! No pics from this last week… I am having so many problems with viruses and hoping to get it all fixed this next week… Love you all!

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