Monday, January 18, 2016

Good morning from California!

I just wanted to share some personal revelation I received this week!

I had a great personal study and following it, a great companionship study with Elder Horrocks the other day. I studied the talk by President Eyring called The Holy Ghost as Your Companion from last conference. It is a talk that changed who I am. I've realized that we can receive, in my opinion, two types of promptings: chastising promptings or progressive promptings. Both are for our benefit. We as human beings are always changing from the choices we make and just like the scriptures tell us it's always either making us better or tearing us down. Obedience is such a key focus because the Holy Ghost will operate to us according to our obedience. For example, when we disobey any rule or commandment, the Holy Ghost will chastise us with promptings to repent and try to get us to be more obedient. We will grow as we fix those problems we created by being disobedient but we lose the opportunity to receive promptings to help others because the Holy Ghost is trying to help us fix US so THEN we can go help fix others later. When we are exactly obedient we leave the conduit open and clean for the Holy Ghost to give us promptings to help others, which in turn helps us grow and progress on a whole new level. There's no other things the Holy Ghost has to get us to fix before we can go help others. We're there, ready, and willing. I would say that's reason enough to be exactly obedient as a person and especially as a missionary. So, I as a person have to be exactly obedient to leave the way open for the Holy Ghost to prompt me to help others, to find those ready to receive the gospel and to be a better disciple of Jesus Christ over all.

Hopefully that made sense to all of you..... Just pray about it.  You'll get it.

It's been such great week out here on the mission again and I'm looking forward to another awesome week out here in the mission!  I love it so much and I would be happy to be here for forever!  It's so fulfilling and I love it so much!

Love you all!

Elder Frame

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