Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Machu Picchu and Watson

Well, this is going to be really fast today... BUT WE WENT TO MACHU PICCHU TODAY! IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I can’t even describe it. We got there and I was so excited... Oh man it was better than Christmas! What a blessing it is to be here and that president has given us permission to go while we are here. I loved it! There is so much to say but not enough time. But let’s just say that I enjoyed being with some of my best friends and to enjoy a part of the Incan culture that I never realized was so.... AMAZING. I am sure I will be able to talk a lot more about it later. It was so beautiful and I loved learning about the history of peru. It reminded me so much of Quillabamba... oh how I loved it. But I am so tired. I have been up since 2 am this morning and we have concilio tomorrow so it will be a crazy week.

I had a good week though with many ups and downs. But the miracle that happened was that we were able to teach an investigator named Watson... AND HE CAME TO CHURCH. You might laugh at this because you might be a regular in the sacrament meeting, but for an investigator is something that takes a lot of faith... you don’t know a lot of people, EVERYTHING is new, and it feels like everything is thrown at you all at once. But the best part is that the people change in an instant when they go. So many missionaries have been teaching Watson and I was finally able to really testify and find a way for him to come. During the lesson I flat out said... Whatever it is we can figure out a way for you to go. In that moment I realized that truly it all comes together when he ACTS and comes to church. We were able to teach a lot about the sacrament and the importance.... I felt the spirit so strong and I know he did too. By the end of the lesson he stopped with excuses, and even though he is timid, HE CAME.

 I love worrying about people coming to church and when I see them there, and when I see the change in them it makes me so happy... wow I sound crazy but it is true! I want to extend the invitation to remind yourself  WHY you take the sacrament and what it does for you in your everyday life. I love my calling, I love being a missionary. 

Well, I have to go! Love you all and have a great week!
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