Wednesday, January 13, 2016


It's been another week of AWESOME! How can it not be?!  I'm a representative of Jesus Christ out here in California preaching change and repentance to sinners in order to help them save their souls from eternal damnation.  It's so fun.

It's been a great learning week and bear with me while I just throw it all out there on the table.

President Monson has a great quote and it goes like this: "I just want the Lord to know if He wants something done, He can count on Tommy Monson to do it!" What he said really hit me. I need to be the person that the Lord will always be able to say, "I can count on Jackson Frame. I know he'll get the job done. He's diligent and has shown me by the way he lives he wants to be a part of my hastening of the work."  That trust is earned by the way we live.

There's a song in Spanish I really love and that I've listened to throughout this week. It's called Here Am I. I just want to share the chorus with yall:

You don't have to look for anyone else,
I want to go.
Here is my time, here are my hours,
Here am I.
My life is for you and to you I'll give all my time
Here are my hands as well as my voice.
Here am I.
Here am I.

There it is roughly translated, but it really has made me think about Christ volunteering Himself, willingly and in place of us, to suffer.  He knew he was the only one to be able to do it.  He gave everything to us. EVERYTHING. He left nothing out.  He, in sports language, "left it all on the court." He was always there, is always there and will always be there for us. Have I been, am I being and will I always be there for him? It's a choice I need to make and you need to make.  Most of us made that choice when we were baptized but we fail time and time again to ALWAYS be there for our Lord.  That's why sacrament is so important.  You promise every single week to ALWAYS remember him.  You promise and re-promise.  That's why there's an emphasis on the sacrament.  It can't be an empty promise. God knows our hearts.  He will not be mocked.  Our covenant to the Lord is of eternal import and is of such importance that we should stop for a minute and consider if we are honoring our covenants to the best of our abilities.  Onward and upward!  That's why the new year is so refreshing!  New goals.  New page to turn. Make some goals to honor your covenants more and GO GET IT DONE!

*Steps off soap box.*

So yeah.  It's been great and I've loved this past week and we are working with some stellar people!  Namely the Avila family, and a kid named Chris.  I LOVE teaching people who sincerely want to learn about the gospel!  It's SO AWESOME! (I keep saying awesome because I'm having a hard time coming up with bigger and better words... that's why caps come in handy.)

Anyway.  Love you all, have great weeks, pray read take sacrament repeat, remember who you are, don't do anything stupid, be what you are meant to be, and don't ever forget you've always got someone to lean on!

Elder Frame

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