Monday, November 24, 2014

This Week!!

This is in Quillabamba and it is in front of a park/pool that I walk by every day
 and it is finally rainy season!  
Three Things… Well Four Actually

1.  Meet My Companion!!!! I like to talk about my companions in my emails because they are a big part of my life right now and they each teach me many things… Elder Bednar has said that us as missionaries not only serve a mission for the people but for their companions as well. And it is true. Oh how I have loved both my companions thus far! But anyways! HERMANA HOSKINS! Her name is Heidi Hoskins and wow this girl is AMAZING! She lives in Saratoga Springs and went to a Prep School named Karl G. Maezer Prep Academy. Whew, yep she is smart and amazingly talented! Oh and she goes to BYU so I am just rollin in the dough with companions I can see when I get back to the states. Anyways she LOVES, I mean LOVES musical theatre. She sings opera and is amazing at it. She has performed in many plays, and competed in so many competitions. Her whole family does and she has a brother that is a real prodigy! I am not kidding! It has been convenient that I play the piano and she sings. We have done a few musical numbers and it has been so much fun. This girl can talk though! Seriously. From the moment I met her she does not stop talking! This is the thing I love most about her! I am never bored!!!!! She always has some story on her mind, and it just cracks me up because she just speaks her mind all the time. I thought I talked a lot but this girl has me beat by a thousand miles! She is amazing at contacting which is so great! She thinks I am from Texas though. It is hilarious! My big hair, my big personality, my loud voice, all of it! I am still trying to convince her I live in Utah! She loves loves loves lasagna and she will eat cold pasta for breakfast. What? Haha that was a new one for me. She is singing all the time and oh how I love her voice so it has been so fun singing Christmas songs randomly as we are walking down the Street. Yeah, we are pretty loud together but we definitely know how to get things done!
Me and my two companions in the food court eating ice cream!
These two have been my life savers! Hermana Jesperson my comp in the CCM
 and my trainer- Hermana Hoskins.
 I was so excited to have my soft serve ice cream! We were in Cusco.
2. The Spider in Sacrament Meeting… Wow I have quite the story… Yesterday was our Ward conference and we had prepared for this for the last few weeks because here it is sometimes a struggle to get all the leaders, all the members, and all the kids to sacrament. We made flyers and everything to get people there. Anyways, I was playing the piano for sacrament meeting just like I do every week, and right before the sacrament hymn a spider, mind you the spiders are not that little here in Quillabamba, but I saw it fall from the window right by the piano. The church has all open Windows and such because it is so hot and there is no air conditioning… But OH MY GOODNESS I WENT INTO FREAK OUT MODE!!!!! I don’t have a fear of spiders but if they are bigger than a dime I am not a big fan!!! But it started crawling right by the piano and I could not reach it to kill it, and even if it wasn’t close it was so big! I couldn’t find the strength to just move my leg and kill it! Oh the struggle!!  But I was so distracted watching the spider and mouthing to my companion ¨-HELP- -SOS- I am about to die by this gigantic spider”, the chorister had to remind me to start playing the sacrament hymn and the whole time I was playing the hymn I felt my skirt hit my leg and I thought it was the spider! Wow I have never felt my heart raise so fast and so high before! Oh the stress! Luckily right after the song ended I moved as quickly as I could right next to Hermana Hoskins. Whew it was gone… But… No, it wasn’t. Right after I sat down we saw it crawling into the congregation. Oh glory. My comp then took my shoe (my shoe of course) and killed it right as the bread was being passed for the sacrament. Wow it was quite the show for everyone there. Hopefully no one noticed except the lady sitting right where we killed the spider. Wow, it was quite the experience. Please pray I come home alive and not bitten by some jungle spider.

3. My spiritual experience this week was when we were teaching an investigator named Paula and she has an 8 month old named Mia. Mia is so mellow and so calm. Every time we teach her Mom I sit there and hope for quiet babies because Lincoln and Taft were not all that mellow. Haha! But we have only taught her the first lesson but last night we were able to go over and help her with her laundry. This is my favorite part of missionary work. Service. We were able to sit and play with her daughter while she talked with us about how she felt about our message and also help her understand how God can talk to her personally. Personal revelation is one of the hardest things to explain to the investigators. But oh how wonderful and how amazing it is we can receive answers to personal questions. As we were finishing the laundry my comp was sitting by Mia and she started to sing I am a Child of God to her. Wow the spirit just overwhelmed me with the truth in those words. Not only is this precious girl a daughter of God but all of us. We are all of His children. He wants us all to know this. He wants us to understand his plan. I love that I can be a missionary and proclaim this message. But I have a strong testimony of the power of music. This last week I received my package with the hymn book my Mom sent. I have wanted the English hymn book because the Spanish is hard for me to understand right now… But the second I took it out, I turned to Where Can I Turn for Peace. I want to share some of the lyrics.
He answers privately, reaches my reaching. In my Gethsemane, Savior and friend. Gentle the peace he finds for my beseeching, constant he is and kind, love without end.

Music is powerful. Whether you sing, play and instrument, or just listen it has such a Deep power to it. Christ understands everything. He suffered for each of us personally. He knows how you feel right now. He wants you to find peace in this life. He is always there. He reaches your reaching. He reaches MY reaching. There are days that can be hard. Not because you chose for them to be but because life is a test and it is what we need to go through. But the best part is we can Access peace. Each moment, of every day. So, I challenge each of you… Memorize a hymn; listen to a song that uplifts you, read the lyrics to a hymn. Incorporate music more in your life. The positive kind. It really will strengthen you, and strengthen your testimony.

Before I go I want to share the true gratitude I have in my life right now. I love the fact that I am here serving. I am so grateful for this gospel. It is why I live each day. It is the reason I get up and going in the morning. It is the reason I struggle each day to learn Spanish. It is the reason I love my family. It is the reason I do what I do day in and day out whether I am on a mission or not. I am truly grateful. Don’t only be grateful because it is Thanksgiving. Strive to be grateful daily. It will make all the difference I promise. Find what you are grateful for. I promise if you really strive to find it you will. I love you all!

Hermana Frame
We were all in Cusco for a conference!

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