Monday, November 17, 2014


Elder Andersen, Elder Quigley and I spreading Christmas cheer to the people of 
 Shoot.  This week hasn't been that great.  Our numbers were atrocious but hey, I guess bad stuff like that just happens to you once and a while.  We had our whole week almost booked with appointments, but all but 2 canceled or changed their times to next week!  So disappointing!

So Marilu and Brandon are still a go on the 22nd and Erick and Carlos, Elizabeth, and Robert are all also green lights for the 6th of December!  So awesome, but if we baptize all of them we really won't have that many other people to teach.  Maybe like 2 others?  So we are amping up the finding and visiting less actives and members 2 hours  to 1 and 1/2 hours a piece per day in hopes of finding more people to teach!

Shooooooooooooooot!!!!  We had transfer calls Saturday night and they were stressful!  And I knew I wasn't even leaving!!  Elder Pereira and Elder Jensen were doubled out!  So both of them are leaving and we are receiving 2 new Spanish Elders to our area, Elder Herera and his trainee from the MTC.  I won't be the newbie anymore!  Wooooooooo!  Elder Pereira is leaving though!  Nooooooooooo!  Shoot, I'm gonna miss his Guatemalan face so much!  Anyways, transfer calls are going to be super stressful from now on because now there actually is a possibility that I could leave or something!  Oh well.  All what the Lord wants.

SUPER good talk you should all read.  Saving Your Life by D. Todd Christofferson.  And I quote, "To save your life, you'll have to lay down your stories and, minute by minute, day by day, give your life back to him." End of quote.  Our lives are not ours. The very second we sinned our lives became the Saviors because there is no way home without him. He suffered in unimaginable ways for each of us individually so that we might be able to live again and have the chance to become like his and our Father in Heaven.  So when you say it's my life, I'll do what I want with it, you are lying to yourself. You are His.  You are being selfish by thinking otherwise.  So let us live every minute of every day letting the Savior direct us because that is the only way we will be saved from our own filth and sin.

I love you all!!

Con Mucho Amor de California,

Elder Frame
What everybody in modesto looks like walking down the alleys.
Elder Andersen and I being jolly and happy!

Me when I ate the Jabanero last week.

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