Monday, November 17, 2014

The Sister Leader and The Pit-bull

Us going to cusco today! Hermana Jesperson, my comp in the CCM,
 Hermana Arroyo, her comp right now, my comp Hermana Hoskins, and I!
Well, I will explain the title first of all. No I did not die, and no I was not attacked. But the sister leader Hermana Ostler put on quite the show for me this week. We had the sister leaders come from Cusco this week and it was fun! A different change to things and it was fun to talk to another sister. She has literally two weeks left so it was the newbie with the oldie! She gave me so much advice and probably the best thing she taught me was how to deal with the dogs here in Peru. Well her tactic is to throw water on them and throw rocks at them. My companion Hermana Hoskins just doesn’t bring attention to the dogs so I have never worried about it but man, Hermana Ostler will definitely give those dogs a piece of her mind while showing who is boss. The first dog we came upon just started barking at us and she immediately picked up a rock and threw it at him and he yelped and ran away… I was like… what in the world? Is she afraid of dogs or something..? But later in the day as she did this a couple of times I just figured it was her way of showing she was in charge. I don’t know! But the best moment of the day was when we had a member with us and she had a small dog with her and this made it so all the dogs were freaking out every time we walked by. AND OH MAN!!! She went wild! The other small dogs were fine, but the instant we saw this pit bull come chasing after us she went into destructor mode and took her water bottle out and was trying to spray water all over the dog while trying to find rocks to throw, and yell in English at this pit bull that is half her size! HAHA! I die laughing just thinking about it. And surprisingly I was calm through the whole thing? What? Haha!! Oh and she was Hermana Frame for the day because we lost our tags running that morning… Oh Hermana Ostler. She was so great.

Hermana Ostler and I! The skinny version of Hermana Frame and the fat version!!! HAHA!!
We had matching name tags for the day because she lost hers… Best Hermana leader!
Our socks. You can definitely tell the difference of an Hermana just getting to the mission
 and one leaving in a few weeks!

This week was so so so great! Once again we contacted so many families! And I had my first time contacting a family by myself! SUCH AN ACCOMPLISHMENT! WAHOO!! But oh if you could have seen it. The people were so kind because I was trying so hard to understand their replies but other than that… I think it went great, minus the fact all their names sound exactly the same and their addresses are nowhere to be found. Haha, no my confidence is growing and I love contacting as you can tell.

We are able to teach a converso reciente- recent concert named Hermana Engracia, but we call her Abuelita. OH HOW I LOVE THIS WOMAN!! She is 89 years old and tells us she wants to die every day, and prays for it in every prayer before we leave. We visit her daily because she can’t read and she loves the Book of Mormon. Oh and I have never met someone who loves Se├▒or Thomas. Oh she is the cutest. But she did call me gordita the other day. I didn’t appreciate that. I told her the food was just too good here! Haha! I love reading to her.  She has taught me that perseverar hasta el fin… I can’t remember how to say that. Enduring to the end? Yeah… but that this is so important. Even though she wants to die, she keeps going. She jokes and laughs with us, and she tells us how thankful she is for her kids every day. Oh! And she sings in Quechua (ke-chew-wa). I love her so much if you can’t tell.

I am reading to Abuelita… Oh how I love her so so so much!
She has taught me so many lessons.
 It will be hard to leave her.

I am having so many experiences. So many here in the mission I wish I could write them all down and tell you all. But the most important part is I am here, teaching the gospel. And in the process it is changing me. I love what the gospel can do. It brings hope, faith, love, and it helps us understand our purpose here. If you are struggling with your testimony or you want to strengthen it at all, I promise get down on your knees. It brings you so much closer to your Heavenly Father. He hears you, He understands everything despite what has happened in your past, what is happening now, and the worries you have for the future. Pray, he will answer if you listen.

I love you all and thank you for your support and love!!

Hermana Frame

ICE CREAM!!! It is helado in espanol and I love it! I miss the soft serve in the US so much though!!!

Our capilla or church! It is so beautiful and no snow here in Peru! Sunny day in and day out! I love the church and it is definitely different than in the states, especially Utah- or Utah county haha.

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