Monday, November 3, 2014


This was last Saturday at that little boy’s baptism.  I'm walking on Water!! 
 Power of the Priesthood!!


So yeah!  The work.  It is going.  And it is AWESOME.

Love yall!

Elder Frame

Ha.  Just kiddin.

I wouldn't do that to yall!  No this week has been great!  So here's everything!

Wednesday:  We had a Halloween party for the wards.  Everybody was dressed up all scary like and stuff.  Apparently everybody was disappointed we didn't dress up, but we aren't allowed to dress up anyway, so yah.  That was kind of tiring telling everybody.  Other than that it was great!  Candy, candy corn, candy cotton, candy, candy, and more candy!  I gained 2 pounds literally.  No I really did.  I weighed myself before and after.

Friday aka Halloween:  So we had to be back to our apartments by 6:00.  So we went back to the apartment and watched Forever Strong. Ha, since the coach from that movie, Larry Gelwix, was the old mission president in this mission, that movie was still on the CAN watch list. Ha it was pretty sweet!

All the other days we did many many visits and we've been knocking doors!  We've found 6 new potentials and 2 new investigators who seem pretty solid!  Maria and Vanessa!  They were pretty interested so I'll keep you posted!  As for Marilu, we visited her on Wednesday and she wanted to talk to us about her baptism.  We were kinda worried about what she was going to say.  It was more than ok though because she said she wanted to push her date back so she could get baptized with her 10 year old son Brandon on November 22!!!  WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!  DOUBLE BAPTISM!!  She's been coming to church every single week!  Reading!  Praying!  Everything!  She's so awesome!  Erick is still a bum and avoiding us.  We're gonna get him!!

Anyways.  I was thinking about finding this week since we have actually had some success for once with knocking on doors.  We are trying to find people to teach the gospel as missionaries, but I kinda applied that to everywhere else in my life.  I should be finding ways to serve.  Finding people who maybe just need a friend.  Finding out more about the gospel.  Finding, finding finding.  Hey you should too.  

Hey!  God Bless!


Con Amor,
Elder Frame

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